A Press Conference and More…

The President’s Conference

I watched it yesterday and my immediate thoughts on the question and answer were – “What is he saying?”
He seemed to me to say, referring to Putin, I say he should be removed, but then he said I didn’t say that. When questioned about the troops and chemical weapons he said he didn’t say it. But, I heard it.
When the conference was over I was just shaking my head and back to my question yesterday. Behind closed doors with other leaders, unscripted, what is he saying? What are those leaders saying about him?

On the budget bill, well it’s more of — you can fool some of the people all the time. As an example:
All the projections are based upon a 2.9% inflation this year, and 2.3% next year. If you believe the 7.9% we are running at this year is going to drop so much to get us to 2.9% for the year, well, see above on people being fooled.
He talked about reducing the deficit. Wait a minute, we’re coming off $7 trillion dollars of extra spending the past two years for covid. A $1.7 trillion reduction is good news? We’re not reducing anything, the deficit is going up.
He said we have come through the previous administration’s financial ruin. We were in ruin? He said we are better off today than ever. You think so? Checked gas prices? Food prices? Optimism for the future? Polls to see if people think we’re on the right track?
I guess 40+% believe it. That’s what the pollsters say.

He talked about money in his budget to support the police. Great. Then he said it proves “we were never for defunding, always for funding.” That’s an outright lie. We have the tape. Plus, Mr. President, watch now what the left of your party says. Wait until they examine what he is calling police funding, you will see some real numbers.

Oh yea, we are going to raise the corporate tax by 7% he said. If you think that will lead to companies coming back home to build what we need here, then you differ from me. And remember, corporations do not pay taxes. They call taxes an expense and add them to their costs of product. We don’t need higher costs this year.

On the budget and the press conference, consider me unimpressed.

Some Stats To Share

If you think tax cuts spur growth, consider this. The President announced his budget had increased taxes for the rich and corporations. Who are we competing with, the world? China you say? Okay, now read this from Bloomberg:
“Beijing’s zeal for supply-side economics continues…for the fifth year in a row, China will have tax cuts. The Chinese Communist Party has embraced a school of thought more commonly associated with conservatives: supply-side economics… Premier Li Keqiang calls tax cuts the beat way to boost growth and “fertilizer applied directly to the roots of  the economy.”  Beijing announced 2.5 trillion yuan ($393.3 billion) in tax cuts this month—the fifth year of such reductions, which cumulatively add up to more than 9.7 trillion yuan. At the current exchange rate, that’s more than the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts enacted by the Trump administration in 2017.”
Interesting, right? Who do you think has it right?

You know that Putin inflation and Putin Gas Price Hike? Not working. Check out this poll:

A story I found humorous. Some have been trying to track down the 50 intelligence specialists who told us that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation. (Not the MSM, the networks have not mentioned Hunters name in almost nine months. Think about that, no news there.) Well, Richard Grenell, their former CIA Director, reported this. He reacted to a tweet about “ethical behavior among public servants” from one of the signers. He asked, “Weren’t you one who signed the Russian misinformation letter? Do you admit now you were wrong?” The answer? He was blocked from the sender’s account.
These people have no shame. I guess like Harry Reid said of Mitt Romney, “He didn’t win did he?”

Lastly, today a reader sent this to us.
Put this in your blog. Lori lightfoot has ninety nine police officers protecting her personally while defunding police for her citizens. And, the NY mayor is partnering with her to reduce crime. What a joke

On to another day. Stay vigilant and form your own decision.

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