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First On NATO and Sanctions

We don’t have any negatives on the NATO conference. At first glance it seemed to go okay. Let’s wait and see what actions are taken to support Ukraine. If we come out without more real aid for them as they fight so gallantly: or a plan to stop buying Russian oil, then it was a failure. If real actions are taken, then Ukraine and the world can win.

One point on President Biden’s comment to the reporter asking why he thinks the sanctions unveiled Thursday would make Russian President Vladimir Putin change course. The President angrily said: “I did not say that, sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter.”
Well, yes, your administration did. You did loud and clear before Russia attacked last month. You want some examples?
Your National Security adviser Jake Sullivan at a White House press briefing in February said sanctions would prevent a Ukraine invasion. He said you believed it:
“The president believes that sanctions are intended to deter,” Mr. Sullivan said. “And in order for them to work — to deter, they have to be set up in a way where if Putin moves, then the costs are imposed.”
The deputy national security advisor said:
“Sanctions are not an end to themselves. They serve a higher purpose. And that purpose is to deter and prevent. They’re meant to prevent and deter a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that could involve the seizure of major cities, including Kyiv. They’re meant to prevent large-scale human suffering that could involve tens of thousands of casualties in a conflict.”
The Vice President herself last month said the sanctions would have a “meaningful” deterrent effect, adding that view is shared by U.S. allies.

Why this administration is allowed to change dialogue and deny without being called on it is a failure of a supportive and compliant press core.

Speaking Of The Media

If you watched GMA yesterday you saw a great example. Martha Raddatz, reporting on North Korea’s missile launch, called it the most expansive move forward in their program. She then said it was because of “Donald Trumps failed nuclear negotiation” with North Korea.
What? Is she for real? Is ABC going to allow this and call themselves a network?
This from a reporter who has been on the air covering this since the 90’s. Her bias was so clear in how she said it and where she wanted to place blame. It brought to mind her crying election night when Hillary lost.
The media is unfair. Watch that clip and you’ll see it clearly.
By the way Martha, the attack on Russia stiffened N.Korea’s resolve to develop a weapon. He clearly knows Ukraine gave up their’s and sees the result. Try being a real reporter and stick to the facts.

Follow The Science – The Political One

So the Mayor of New York has said on the air daily when asked why little kids must wear masks, “I follow the science.” He even had a Brooklyn Net player sit out home games as we pointed out last week.
Follow the science — until yesterday.
You see, in New York baseball is king. The Mets and Yankee fans are for real. Passionate and dedicated. Thus, the Political Science kicked in and the Mayor said sports athletes and entertainers can now work even if they are not vaccinated. The science in NY ends with baseball fans.
Now if you’re an unvaccinated police officer, fire fighter, sanitation worker or private employee of a company in NY, you can’t work.
Special science rules now.

You know who else in NY who didn’t follow the rules? The former governor, Andrew Cuomo, the former hero of the left and media, because they wouldn’t investigate him.
An independent investigation, the third such one, this time by the state controller, found again that Cuomo lied and covered it up.
He covered up the number of deaths in unsung homes because he was writing a book on leadership and he was competing with the former President and Governor of Florida.
He lied and people died.
How many will know the truth now? The press is not about to tell you; they didn’t do their job. They didn’t listen to the voices telling them.
Cuomo followed the political science too. The sad part is how many in NY and on the left still think he did a better job than Governors like DeSantis?
Next time you hear someone say I am following the science, check which science.

By the way, 10 CEOs of US passenger and Cargo airlines sent a letter to President Biden calling for an end to the onboard mask mandate and pre-departure testing rules. No response yet. Apparently that’s the wrong approach. Make it political. Set up petitions at the airport check in. A little coverage and watch what happens.

The Republicans Divided

Another warning to the Republicans on the senate.
Donald Trump is leading the party to blow an opportunity to win the senate in November. His maniacal support of only those supporting his sole focus that he was cheated in 2020 is dividing the party.
He withdrew his endorsement of his chosen candidate for Alabama’s open seat because the candidate was telling him to move on and focus on the future. Now Rep. Brooks may have been a poor choice to start, but he has really divided the party there now.
He has interfered with senate candidates in Pa. (who has dropped out over wife beating charges) and places like Missouri and Georgia, where he is dividing things to lose again.
All over the senate landscape he is leaving a mess, because he is all about himself and 2020.
The only science here is Trump Ego Science.
Yesterday he launched a law suit against individuals involved in the 2016 Russian Collusion lie. He should pursue that with vigor, because they did set him up and proving it to the point where the media has to cover it, would be the greatest gift he can give the party.

One final divide in the party is with Rep. Cheney. I can’t recall ever seeing anything like this. The former number 3 Republican in the House just had more than 100 current House Republicans sign on to host a fundraiser for her primary challenger. To put that in perspective that’s roughly half of their House membership. It includes their leader Kevin McCarthy and the person who replaced Cheney, Elise Stefanik. The event is next week.

Wishing you all the best weekend. If you follow the science, make sure it’s real.

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