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A Little History

Every time we have a Supreme Court opening it irks me to think of the failed leaders we have now and how we got into this mess. Here’s a little history that may surprise some readers.
You see, prior to 2013 you needed 60 votes to get any federal Justice approved. Think about that, 60 votes. That meant you couldn’t go too far to the left, or right, and get a federal justice approved.
So along comes Senator Harry Reid and he changes the system that stood the test of time. With his 52-48 edge in the senate he changes that 60 number to a simple majority for all federal judgeships except the Supreme Court.
Senator McConnell fights against it and warns the Supreme Court will be next. Then in 2017 with his slim majority he adds the Supreme Court to that “simple majority.”

Where do we end up? No longer does a President with a majority in the senate need to worry. They can go to extremes. The politicians of my lifetime have taken the Supreme Court nominations to new lows.
It began, as I see it, with Ted Kennedy and the nomination of Robert Bork. It was disgusting and went downhill from there. Today you hear “the first black woman on the court faced from Republicans.” Well, how about when Clarence Thomas was nominated? Look that hearing up. Last I looked he was black, and Joe Biden as head of the judiciary, along with his party peers did not exactly treat him well. In fact Thomas called it a “modern day lynching.”
And by the way, the hearing this week was little league baseball compared to the outrageous Kavanaugh hearing and far less contentious than the Amy Barrett one.

Amazing how one side becomes conciliatory when the person is on their side of the aisle and so angry when on the other.
Our political leaders have failed us with the courts.

Speaking Of Which

How about this from a Senator whose state needs a total crime overhaul. “Reduce jail time by a third.”
Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer is backing legislation to reduce jail time for drug traffickers by nearly a third, including thousands of felons already serving time in federal prison. Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat, has joined the bipartisan cosponsors of the EQUAL Act that advocates say fixes the disparity between federal sentencing guidelines for trafficking crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

Good idea Senator, why don’t you revise the former Mayor DeBlasio’s program and give them gifts and free subway passes. That should help your crime problem. They won’t have to jump the turnstiles.

If you are thinking “no way,” this gets passed, the bill has already passed the House and is likely to get a vote in the Senate before the midterms. And, if you think the President will veto it, you are delusional.

Meanwhile, This Story In The Wash. Times

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop is real, but high-ranking Democrats and intelligence officials who called it a Russian operation in 2020 — and thus deluded voters — are now dodging responsibility for promoting the false tale. In the week since the liberal New York Times acknowledged that it belatedly authenticated emails and other files from Hunter Biden’s laptop, most of the officials and media organizations that blamed the story on Moscow during the 2020 presidential campaign are refusing to comment or to acknowledge they were either wrong or lying.

And we continue to call them experts, put them on TV and provide counsel and thoughts. As we said yesterday, if they were that wrong they are not experts. If they lied, they should be disqualified from being on any show to provide “expert” insight.

As We Talk About Crime

This was a story I had to read twice to believe, then did a check to make sure it wasn’t satire.
Are you ready?
The mayors of New York City and Chicago met to exchange ideas on tackling crime, which continues to skyrocket in both cities. New York’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, both Democrats, met to discuss policies and programs. Crime in NYC is up by over 45 percent compared to this time last year as Adams battles a growing crisis at Rikers Island – the city’s main jail – as well as a spike in hate crimes and an overburdened court system.  In Chicago, crime is up by 34 percent. 
Violent incidents in public transit have left residents of both cities terrified for their safety. Transit crimes have shot up by 80 percent in NYC, according to the city’s latest crime statistics. The Chicago Transit Authority, meanwhile, recorded a spike in crime of 56 percent in January and February.
Their closing words were telling to me:
“We are gonna be great partners in the work that we’re all doing.”
Well, they got elected and don’t need my counsel, but if they asked I would suggest getting some partners doing something different. I don’t think either picked the right one this time.

New Polls

New polls were released yesterday and this AM. There were surprises for me.
Usually wars drive up a President’s popularity. This isn’t true this time. I guess when you lead from behind you don’t get people to follow you. Reuters says the President has a 40% approval rating and a 54% disapproval.
Not really a surprise, right? What did surprise me was 77% of Democrats said they approve of his job performance. Surprised? I was, but then I remembered what I always write – “you can fool some of the people all the time.”
A second poll found that the American people are not believing the “Putin Inflation and Gas Tax” line. They reject it.
“52% of battleground voters blame high gas prices on the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats’ unwillingness to allow more oil and gas production in the United States, compared to only 31% who blame the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil and gas.”
That’s not good for an administration that is facing such high inflation and gas prices.
One more piece of concern for Democrats was this:
Voters who identified jobs/the economy as their No. 1 concern favor Republicans by 20 points on the generic ballot. Among those who put “cost of living” at the top, Republicans are at a 24-point advantage. 

But don’t worry, Chuck Schumer is going to cut jail time for criminals and Mayors Adams and Lightfoot are comparing notes!

You Can’t Make This Up. Your Vote Counts. Vote This November.


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