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I read again this morning the administration saying the “President is doing all he can” to assure more oil.
All he can?
Why not the one thing that could actually help – unleash American oil companies? Turn off restrictions, reverse regulation holds, approve requests. Call them in, listen to their issues and help them so they can fix the problem.
Mr. President, we were producing more before you came in and stopped things, let them loose.
How can any thinking American fall for the “doing all he can?” Are they serious? And who believes that?

California this morning now averages over $6.00 a gallon of gas? The citizens of California are okay with this? Meanwhile, two states, Georgia and Maryland have suspended their gasoline tax because of higher prices. Both Governors (Republican) signed the bills yesterday. I suspect more states will do the same, and I am betting people will be surprised when they do, especially if the federal government suspends their per gallon tax, at the total for both. As an example, in California the federal and state tax per gallon is over 70 cents per gallon.

Wait, now do I have this right?
The Iran deal the administration is begging for would only complete the term of the original one? So two years only? For that we would release $90 billion of sanctions? For that they want the Islamic Revolutionary Guard taken off the terrorist list?
And we have to negotiate this in a separate room since Iran will not sit at a table with us? What?
If you are comfortable with that arrangement consider yourself part of the blame America First crowd.

When trying to decide what to do next with Russia why doesn’t anyone ever put themselves in Putin’s position?
It might help them do the right thing.
The man is in a bind and getting cornered more. His stock market is still closed. The value of his dollar is less than a penny. His troops are stalled and being beaten in some places. They don’t want to be there. They have suffered major casualties. Sanctions have been put on the powerful around him. He has become a pariah to the world.
You want to make it harder? Add more sanctions. Stop buying his oil.
The world continues to fund his war with the purchase. Stop.
If you cut off his oil, he is done. When he goes to bed at night do you think he worries about that? It would bring him and his nation down.
Do we have the leadership to do this, or are we afraid because he has weapons?
It should be the former, but I fear it is the latter and that will only lead to more problems. What happened to backbone and never again?

Why is it whenever someone writes a book, facts substantiated or not, on Republican Presidents I see the authors all over television, on radio and in interviews. Yet, Miranda Devine writes a factual book on what was in the Hunter Biden laptop and how it involved the President and his family and she gets no interviews?
The press is the problem.

Who’s for women rights? I am a long fan of women sports and this issue with the transgender swimmer is all over the news. The former male was ranked as the 461st male swimmer in the nation. He declared a female and has broken all records and won every race. Governor DeSantis declared the second place person the winner in his state. The NCAA doesn’t want to touch the issue.
There are certainly arguments both ways, but the numbers say there is an issue. Rewarding one denies another. I am thinking of the young women who gave so much time in their lives to achieve the opportunity to be the best. Are they fairly being denied now?
Maybe we need a third category for transitioning individuals. Some say that’s unfair. Okay, then define fair for me.

Here’s an interesting stat I just saw. Unemployment in the nation is 3.9% and we all proud of that. In NYC the rate is 7.1%. In LA the rate is 7%. Chicago 5.1%.
So why are the major cities at such high rates versus the nation as a whole?
Could it be Covid restrictions? NYC did fire all those municipal workers who were unvaccinated.
Could it be work restrictions? Well, in NYC basketball player Kyle Irving can go to his teams game unmasked and sit in the stands, but he can’t play. You can’t work if unvaccinated. The Mets and Yankees will face this in three weeks.
Think about that. They can go to games, dinner, parties and events, but not work. Make sense?
Then there is crime. Many New Yorkers say they don’t want to ride the subways or walk the streets.
Just think about these unemployment numbers and the next time you vote, remember it matters.

I want to end today with this story in Piers Morgan column today:
Boris Romanchenko, 96, survived the Nazi Holocaust during World War II, after enduring hellish conditions in concentration camps at Buchenwald, Peenemunde, Dora and Bergen-Belsen. He returned to Buchenwald in 2012 to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the liberation of the camp by US troops, where he recited the pledge made by survivors to create “a new world where peace and freedom reign.”
On Friday, he was killed by a Russian bullet fired at his house in Kharkiv.
He died because unlike in World War II, the world doesn’t have the stomach to fight a tyrant to safeguard peace and freedom.
And the only message this gutlessness will send Putin is to carry on, harder and more devastatingly.
As Churchill said: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Food For Thought. RIP Boris Romanchenko.

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