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Just Thinking Out Loud Today

Is it collusion that the main stream media won’t report on the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents?

Is it collusion that they won’t seek out the 50 “intelligence officers” and ask them hard questions?

If they don’t want the answers now, were they involved in the original coverup? Did they know it was real?

Does Twitter get a pass on taking down the NY Post, its story and anyone who retweeted it?

Is it collusion that they reported a false story (Russian Collusion) for three years and now don’t call the perpetrators of the story on it?

Does anyone else wonder what transpired in the two hour conversation between President Biden and China? Are you, like me, wondering if our President was up to the challenge?

Do you wonder, too, if he is ready to go to Europe tomorrow and lead? As the leader whose nation pays the bills for NATO, is his the voice they will hear and follow?

Is it true that the one stumbling block in the Iran Deal is the removal of the designation as “terrorist organization” from Iran’s “Islamic Revolutionary Guard?” Does anyone think they suddenly changed?

Was that released internal Russian death toll number of Russian troops (10,000) and then pulled back true? It is the number close to what Ukraine was saying. If true, then Putin better sleep with one eye open.

Why does common sense take so long? Mayor Adams is now telling police to arrest fare beaters on the subway. You see, the fare beaters are committing the crimes we have heard so much about. Imagine that.
You mean little crimes lead to bigger ones? Welcome to the real world.

Let me see, the Babylon Bee does satire. That is their livelihood. They named Biden appointed Dr. Rachel Levine (former husband and father known as Richard), now assistant health secretary for the nation, as their Woman Of The Year. Twitter has banned Babylon Bee.
So the NY Post, anyone retweeting the Post story, a former President and many of his followers and now Babylon Bee are banned by Twitter.
Is social media for all, or are they taking sides? Easy answer.

Remember Stormy Daniels and all the stories from her and her attorney on President Trump?
Did you hear this news in the media that gave her so much coverage?
She lost her case against Trump. The 9th Circuit made the final ruling on the matter.
She has to pay Trump’s attorney costs, sanctions, and fees, which will amount to approximately $300,000.  
Her attorney?
Michael Avenatti is already convicted and in jail.

Just things on top of my mind today.

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