March Madness…

Only This Is Not Basketball

March Madness is a term usually referenced to the college basketball tournaments in this month. For today and this year, it’s an appropriate term for the world situation.

With 10 million already displaced in Ukraine, many will never be able to return home, or reunite their families. One man, with delusions of a Soviet Empire has caused this problem. His desire for power has caused arguably the greatest human pain of this century.
If we and the European leaders return to normal with him when this ends, then know — we have truly lost our values and way.
He must be isolated until the people of Russia do the right thing.

At the same time, our leaders must learn from this.
It is time to bring back home the manufacturing and production of goods we need to survive. Our medicines as an example. Are we going to wait for China to pull a Ukraine before we act?
Leadership is acting before. The time is now.

One other thought on something what we are about to do.
Re-enter into an agreement with Iran.
Now we don’t know all the details of this deal, but if the rumors are true, are you comfortable with:
We are doing so while Russia and China represent us with Iran. Are we really comfortable with that?
Two nations out to beat us, dealing on our behalf with an enemy sworn to destroy us?
We will take the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp off the terrorist list. (This was the group that Qasem Soleimani led. He was, as you may recall, taken out by the previous administration.)
There are rumors of cash to change hands again.
The question I have is this:
Is this appeasement to an enemy sworn to destroy us?
Does this work better than the sanctions and depriving them of the resources they need to grow?
Is strengthening their leadership a better means to get new leadership?
You decide, and remember your vote helps set the policy.

The Intelligence Experts

On Friday we shared the story of the NYT now acknowledging that the laptop truly was Hunter’s and the emails on it real. We included a link to the names of the fifty “intelligence experts” who signed the letter about the fact it could be “Russian misinformation.”
Those 50 “intelligence experts” should never be believed or work in our government again. You and I instinctively knew the laptop was real. If they didn’t know, they can’t be in our intelligence. If they lied, they should be disqualified.
Here’s the link again to those names. We heard all summer “say the name,” in this case I say – know the names.

And I wanted to share the NY Post headline as the story broke. You know, the NY Post who was barred from social media for reporting the truth.


Have A Great Day. Keep Speaking Up. We Owe It To Future Generations.

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