How Are They Held Accountable?

Who Takes Responsibility Now

Today I just want to address one issue, the Hunter Biden Laptop. The one that every major television network (except Fox) said was a Russian Hoax. The one every major print journal (except the NY Post) said was Russian misinformation. The one that led Twitter to ban the NY Post and anyone retweeting their story about it. The one 50 so called “intelligence experts” said was Russian misinformation. (See below for connection to their names.)

The story that the media buried – because it was a lie – before the election. Except it wasn’t a lie.

The laptop was real. The memos on the laptop were real. The sainted New York Times says so today.
Did they apologize? No. They just reported on emails off the laptop.
Did ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC report on the story today? No.
Is 60 Minutes prepared to a apologize for Leslie Stahl’s comments in her interview? No.
Are any of the 50 “intelligence experts” apologizing for influencing the 2020 election? No.

With so much going in the world, should we just forget this story now? No.

This blog for the past 15 years has said the media is at the center of our issues. They fail to report fairly and their bias influences too many.
In the past four years they created a hoax that the former President colluded with the Russians. It turned out to be a lie that they never apologized for and have many citizens still believing.
Then they covered up a real story that showed corruption and influence on behalf of the candidate they preferred.
Will they apologize and tell people the truth now? No.

Yes, we are right to criticize the Russian press and their state reporting. Now take a step back and look at what you witnessed the past five years.
If you see an issue, be concerned and speak up. It’s time.

Here’s that link to the 50 experts, and letter they wrote, who lied to you:
I want to ask each one of them are you embarrassed now?
Why did you call yourself an expert and lie?
Can any of us ever believe any of these 50 again? Know their names.

We All Need To Be Concerned About This.

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