An Interesting Day Ahead…


The day will begin with President Zelensky speaking to congress and to the U.S. people on live television.
He will thank and praise the President, Congress and U.S. people for their support of his country (mandatory), and then ask for more. He will beg for airspace support, fighter jets and continued weapons to help them fight.
The President has sent weapons, but not the air support. He has done far better with the sanctions following the European lead and Zelensky will have a hard time moving the U.S. government to do more now.

President Biden will take advantage of the good words from Zelenskyy and go on TV before the morning ends and announce an additional aid package. A smart political move by his team, as almost everyone will support that move.
Now, whether we have done enough, prepared ahead enough to arm them and led to help them fight and survive, will be lost to most.
Remember, you can with good political moves, fool some of the people all the time.
After all, how many believe it’s Putin’s inflation tax and gas price rise?

How Will All This Play Out in the 2022 Election?

Here’s an interesting take on how both sides will play the issues in the 2022 election from Axios.

Here’s Another Interesting Chart

This is from the newsletter Unleash Prosperity that addresses the oil production issue. Take a look and make your own decision:
There is much misinformation from the Biden administration about record amounts of oil production on Joe’s watch. We just perused the most recent official production numbers from the International Energy Agency. The bottom line: we are producing 11.5 million barrels a day today versus the peak under Trump before the pandemic of 13mm barrels.This 1.5mm barrels of oil decline in production is all the more remarkable because the price of oil was roughly $65 a barrel in 2019 versus well above $100 a barrel now. This more than 50% hike in the price should have incited more drilling, but we are getting less. The daily loss of U.S. GDP is now roughly $165 million a day thanks to the Biden War on American Energy. In other news, Biden again said he is doing everything he can to lower gas price.

Here’s one more story/chart they included


One year ago on March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the COVID exploitation bill euphemistically titled the American Rescue Plan. It was probably the peak of his presidency.
The results? Fewer jobs created than the CBO projected without the bill — which means 4 million less than the White House promised.

Again, It All Depends On Where You Are Coming From. Your Choice, Your Vote. I Know Where I Stand.

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