No Need To Elaborate…

Really What Can Anyone Say?

There is no need to write about the Ukrainian situation today. The people of Ukraine are being battered, beaten, losing their homes, their lives and loved ones.
An unprovoked attack on a free nation that wanted to stay free cannot be stopped by the United Nations.
It was left to the free nations of the world to help, and as of now they have responded with just enough to allow Ukraine to stay alive and be battered further.

I cannot add anything to the reality of that situation. It is that sad.

At some point the superior supplied Russian Army will prevail, and how many will be misplaced and die will be left to history to count. When the aggressors are willing to bomb maternity wards and kill pregnant woman and unborn babies; when they don’t care about bodies thrown in mass graves; when they set up safe passages and then mine or bomb them, you know what you are up against.

I know the outcome here and it is not going to be good for Ukraine. It is hard to watch.

What I want to know now is what happens next? Are we going to go back to normal with Russia? Are we going to let McDonald’s and Starbucks reopen? Coke to sell their products? Are we going to buy Russian oil? Is Germany going to go forward with the pipeline? Are we going to fund this regime so they can do more? Has the free world completely lost its values and will?

This is all I am going to watch and what is on my mind today.

One More Thing

Putin has his issues inside Russia. We’ve heard of the protests and how he has locked things down. Well this is from the WSJ today. On a live evening news broadcast a protester ran onto the set with a protest sign telling people they were being lied too.
Take a look.

Keep Watch. Speak Up For What Is Right. Our Children’s Future Is At Stake.

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