A Monday Morning Check…

Making Sure I Understand

The story is that the Russians and Ukrainians may be close to a negotiated agreement. I don’t believe that.
What could the agreement possibly be?
In no way would Putin back off with anything other than what he perceives and believes the world will see as a win for him. His shattered ego from the fall of the Soviet Empire would never allow anything less.
Are the Ukrainians giving up now after all the proclamations to fight to the end and so many misplaced and dead?
At this point I find it hard to see any mutual agreement that makes both sides look like winners.

If there is an agreement and a ceasefire, does the western world go back to what was?
Do we start restoring their economy by buying oil again? Do we open trade?
Does Germany move forward funding them with Nord Stream2?
Would we and the world be dumb enough to do that?
Putin is not changing. It is only the ineptitude of his military that prevented a complete take over. All he (Putin) would do is reorganize his failed military and make it more lethal.
With that in mind, what do you think would happen?

I am betting we go back to buying the oil and opening trade. When a generation says “never again” it only lasts for a time. We will feed the beast again, and it will be a failure of leadership.
It will tell China that the western world is weak and they can move forward.
It will tell North Korea not to worry, that survival, support and respect lies in building those weapons.
Don’t forget Iran.
Do you know who’s at the table to restore the Iran nuclear deal that the administration wants so badly? China and Russia.
So let’s see, there’s Iran, China, Russia and the Biden administration.
Do you have any questions about this deal? If you think this will end up good for us, you differ from me.
How much did Iran show it cares about our leadership was very clear yesterday. They launched missiles near our new embassy in Iraq yesterday and that caused our people and forces in the area to take cover.
Does that sound like a country who respects our leadership?
At the essence of an agreement, they launch missiles near our military? The administration reaction?
I saw it on a Sunday news show. They didn’t want to “say anything” because the deal is not done yet.
That is called appeasement and we know what happens when you appease bullies like this.

Perceived weakness breeds this kind of foreign enemy action. When they perceive American strength they are quiet. Today they see weakness and a lack of leadership. The challenge is to understand this before we get hit, not in studying the history. The past is clear, and as the old saying goes – if you fail to learn from the past you will repeat the mistakes again. We have said “never again” so many times, but something our leaders fail us.

A Sad Sad Note

Remember last week when Russia bombed that maternity ward? The picture we all saw was a pregnant woman on a stretcher being carried out. Well, here’s an Associated Press story out this morning:
“A pregnant woman and her baby have died after Russia bombed the maternity hospital where she was meant to give birth, The Associated Press has learned. Images of the woman being rushed to an ambulance on a stretcher had circled the world, epitomizing the horror of an attack on humanity’s most innocent.”

We cannot go back to business as usual with Putin.

And by the way, his (Putin’s) bombing of the airport near the Poland border was because that was an area the west was using to bring goods into the country. In doing the bombing, Putin issued this declaration that Russia views any delivery as an escalation, and signaled that any such convoys (even American-delivered ones) would be considered as such.
Our administration this weekend responded this way according to the AP.
“The Biden White House — worried about ratcheting up tensions with the Kremlin — has rejected Poland’s offer to move their Soviet-style planes.”
Thus, Putin can do what he wants attacking a country. He can declare a no fly zone for us and the west, while he bombs innocents at will, in a country he is illegally in.
I see.

Let me close today by repeating what I said last week. Will history judge what we are doing as we watch a free nation be slaughtered as appeasement?
I said that at least Neville Chamberlain thought he was achieving “peace in our time” when he allowed Hitler to expand. Exactly what does Joe Biden think he is accomplishing?

Keep Watching. Our Future Is At Stake.

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