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Inflation News At Home

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) report out this morning reports inflation is running at 7.9%.
Now that rate is the highest in 40 years — which takes us back to the Carter years!
That number (7.9%) measures year versus year and doesn’t tell the full story.
For the month it ran at .8, which is an annual rate closer to 10%.
In fact, for the past six months we have averaged almost 10%, so the months ahead are not good for inflation.
One more out take from the report. Food alone ran at the highest price increases since April 1981.
Add gas pricing and the you can see how the American family living paycheck to paycheck has problems.

Now for those in the administration and at the Fed who told us inflation was temporary, you were wrong.
Very wrong in fact, and now we are paying the price.
Will they own it?
Of course not, the media will not cover this as they would if a conservative were President, and watch Psaki and team today blame the war and Russia.
Wrong, it was your policies.
Here’s a graph that shows what has happened the last year. It tracks inflation for the last 40 years. As you look at it ask yourself this question.
When the administration says “not my fault,” do they mean for 40 years no administration had any issues?


The Ukrainian attack continues, and innocent people are dying. How does it end?
Putin is going to own some part of Ukraine and people are going to call this a victory for the people of Ukraine.
That will be wrong again.
It will be appeasement for the most dangerous world leader since Adolf Hitler.
As far as I’m concerned we’re walking on eggs so we don’t anger him. We are talking softly, not providing what the Ukrainians need because “it might be misunderstood by the Russian Leader.”
Here’s an example.
We vetoed Poland giving the Ukrainians airplanes. We are not supporting any “no fly zone” for us (with good reason), but now for Ukraine too? Okay, now answer this. Ukraine is a free country. Is Russia supporting a no fly zone? No, they created one for themselves to fly and kill Ukrainians.

Putin was the one who started this. He is the one killing innocent people, bombing maternity wards, free passage trails and homes. He is the one we should be making uncomfortable, and the Chinese have to choose a side. You are either for law, order and peoples’ right to be safe in their homeland – or you are not.
Choose a side and deal from strength.
Strength of moral leadership, strength of right and strength of support for those dying needlessly.

And Mr. President, at your press conference before the war with the German Chancellor you said if Russia attacked, the Nordstream 2 pipeline was dead. Well ,they attacked. Is it dead? Why no word?
Where is the media asking this? Don’t you want to know? I do.

As we wrote, the administration is calling the gas price increase the “Putin Increase.”
They’ve also said “we are producing more oil than ever.” Here’s a message for you.
Even if that were true, it’s not enough. It’s that simple. Not enough.
I know you can fool some people all the time, but come on now.
Even if what you said is right, what difference does it make? We need more to live and grow.
We have the ability to do more, and you should unleash the American spirit and ability to do so.
And Stop – STOP blaming the companies for price gouging and saying they are not drilling.
They are not drilling because of your policies.
Mr. President, if you truly care so much about the “average man” like all the stories you tell about Scranton, why won’t you do this?
I know you have told us about your Dad and Granddad telling you “Joey” to always take care of the working man. Did they or maybe your Great Granddad mention something like – “Joey, these new things called automobiles, make sure the average man can get one and afford to drive it.” Because right now all you’ve done is hurt the average man who gets hurt more by inflation than anyone.

The News This Morning Nationally and Internationally is Not Good.

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