No Need To Continue Pushing A Closed Door

It looks like by the time you read this that the president might finally be on board to banning buying Russia oil.
That’s halfway home. Now Mr President, start drilling and you’ll have this. “Buy American, Right?”

No need for me to continue asking the question why we won’t drill here. At some point you have to stop pushing a closed door, it’s not going to open.
The outcome is we awaken today and go to work and school with the highest price for a gallon of gas in our history. We broke the record this morning.
Their solution today is to beg OPEC to produce more so the price can be lowered. (Venezuela was yesterday.)
Oh yea Opec, remember, we are going to put you out of business soon by making your product obsolete.
All makes sense to someone, just not me.

The solution? Well the Secretary of Transportation said go “buy an electric vehicle.”
Let me ask you a few questions on that:
Do electric vehicles cost more or less than gas and hybrid ones? Answer: More.
You hear the Secretary say we are building charging stations. When and where?
Do you know what the cost will be to charge your vehicle? Has anyone told you that?
If you charge it in your garage, based upon current rates, it will likely be less than buying gas.
However, if you fill it while traveling (they call it “fast charging”) the cost is higher.
Now do you think electric rates are going to go up or down with more usage?

It’s now two weeks since the Russians began their attack.
It’s also two weeks that we funded the Russian war by buying their oil.

Some Ukrainian Tidbits

I think the administration is right to not apply a no fly zone. To do so raises the risk of a larger war too much.
I also think the administration failed in not arming and supporting Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion.
The former would be an issue if we did the latter.

One thing I learned to do that helps analyze anything is this. Put yourself in the other sides shoes.
Thus, if you were Putin now, what would you be thinking?
You miscalculated how quickly you would take over Ukraine.
You over evaluated your military.
Your soldiers are unmotivated, stalled and dying.
You have a no protest rule, but there are protests all over the nation.
You had to shut Facebook in the country to control what the people feel and are saying.
Your people are facing shortages all over. They have lost their credit cards.
The value of your money is now less than a penny to a U.S. dollar.
No one is buying anything except oil from you.
Add it all up.
If you were Putin this AM the world is not so bright.

Some Other News Tidbits

Another 6-3 Supreme Court decision. This time to reinstate the death sentence for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. This reverses a federal appeals court. We need a strong Supreme Court.

On Friday when we reported 62.3% of us were now in the workforce, many of you reminded me that this was still a full plus per cent below before the pandemic. You are 100% correct. We just meant we were moving in the right direction.

Senator Roger Marshall (Kansas) forced a vote on his bill to terminate the COVID National Emergency. He wants it called over and life to move on. It passed 48 to 47. Every Republican present voted yes and every Democrat present voted no. The bill now goes to the House, but it is doubtful that Speaker Pelosi will allow a vote.

Let’s See What Today Brings.

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