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First let’s acknowledge the good news on the economy this morning.
678,000 jobs created. 62.3% of us in the workforce and unemployment at 3.8%. Income up 5.1%. All good.
The negative is inflation at 7+% meaning people are still falling behind.
With spending programs ending like extended unemployment, we are getting back to where we were before the Covid crisis.

Did you hear that the White House is going to change the name of Build Back Better to “Building A Better America”? It’s still a $2 trillion dollar idea, but they may offer it up in pieces now. Just proving in Washington that no matter what, spending never dies. Inflation? So what?
Jen Psaki said: ” No one cares about the name in the American Public. They care about what it’s going to do.” Is that right? Why the change then?
Republicans were quick to respond.
Senator Cornyn of Texas said: “Rebranding doesn’t change bad policy.”
Senator Tim Scott was even clearer, he said: “The Biden Administration’s Build a Better America is just a broken down car with a new coat of paint. It might look new, but it won’t get us very far.”

Senators Murkowski and Manchin plan to introduce a bill that would ban the import of Russian crude oil and petroleum products into the U.S. They said that targeting Russian energy is the most significant tool left for the U.S. to deploy against Mr. Putin. 
I hear 75+ voters would vote for this. Now ask yourself this question. Do you think Senator Schumer is going to allow the vote? President Biden is against the bill and said he would veto it.

While on the Senate, it voted to repeal President Biden’s healthcare worker vaccine mandate.
This was always a tough one, telling health care workers of all people, the heroes of the virus period, they could not work without being vaccinated. The mandate passed 49 to 44, with every Republican present voting for it and every Democrat present voting against it.

Bet you didn’t hear this.
A Kentucky jury acquitted Brett Hankison, a former police officer, on charges of wanton endangerment after he fired 10 shots into an apartment during the 2020 drug raid that ended with the death of Breonna Taylor. The panel returned a verdict, having weighed the shots fired off through sliding-glass side doors and a window in Taylor’s apartment. Lawyers for Hankinson argued that the shots came because he thought his fellow officers were “being executed.” 

The Supreme Court blocked Guantanamo detainee Abu Zubaydah’s request to obtain evidence from former Central Intelligence Agency contractors who allegedly tortured him at a “black site” in Poland. The court ruled siding 6-3 with government arguments that permitting such testimony could jeopardize U.S. relationships with foreign intelligence services.
Wonder how the new proposed justice would have voted.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senatorial Committee struck out again. Gov. Ducey of Arizona will not run for the senate this year. McConnell had hoped to recruit him, New Hampshire Gov. Sununu and Maryland Gov. Hogan to run. All three would have been favorites to win. Now the Republicans are underdogs in all three races.

Don’t know if this is true, but it is a story worth watching:
Republican lawmakers said that the White House is attempting to strong-arm state and local governments into spending infrastructure money on progressive pet initiatives. They accused Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg of crafting new byzantine rules and regulations governing how money from President Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package can be spent.
They claim the directives reflect Mr. Biden’s political interests instead of those laid out by lawmakers within the infrastructure bill. “It is becoming clearer that they are less concerned about properly implementing this infrastructure law and more focused on shoehorning it into their woke agenda,” said Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri, the top Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. 
I hope this is not true.

Then the ongoing January 6th hearing continues. Charges are being brought, and yesterday this was announced:
The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol said in a court filing that President Donald Trump and some of his allies might have committed crimes by seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.
The filing came as part of legal proceedings over the testimony of John Eastman, a lawyer and professor at Chapman University who advanced a fringe legal theory after Mr. Trump’s loss to Joe Biden. Mr. Eastman claimed that Vice President Mike Pence could stop certification of the election as part of his ceremonial role as vice president.
The key word here is “might have…” The committee also repeated it plans to release its full report before the November election. Of course.

We are close to a renewed deal with Iran? Back to where we were? Are we paying them again? You might be surprised at that answer. Plus who is recommending Iran do this? Russia! Think this is a good deal for us?

Have A Great Weekend. Remember, Your Vote Counts. Register.

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