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This is the moment the administration had looked forward to as the chance to change perceptions and get on track to positive news and, hopefully, election results. The plan was to nominate the first black woman to the court, announce covid restrictions are lifted and we are ready to get back to work. Tout the number of jobs created, the low unemployment and higher incomes. Paint a picture of a successful year one.
Then events intervened…War in Europe with death occurring as he speaks inflation out of control, at 40+ year highs, crime soaring and optimism for tomorrow down. So what do we expect tonight?
Well you will get the applause line as the President says we are completely behind the strong and brave fighters in Ukraine, and how Putin will pay for his deeds. Of course, he won’t mention his leadership from behind on this and how we are funding Russia by buying their gas daily to the tune of $100 million a day.
We created six million new jobs will get applause. Well isn’t that the recovery from the pandemic? There are less people working today than before the covid outbreak. You created those jobs? Or is the economy recovering from the closure?
He will blame inflation on the world situation and may even be bold enough to again say he is watching the oil and meat companies on price manipulation. Of course it’s not his fossil fuel policy and spending.
You get the idea. Let’s see how America reacts and how many can be fooled all the time.

The one question he won’t answer is the one I have been posing daily. WHY is our drilling and being self efficient more dangerous to the world than Russia and OPEC doing the drilling and supplying us? How can you be the leader of the United States of America and allow this to happen? Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, where are you on this? WHY WHY WHY? Why is their drilling and us paying better for me and my family?

And by the way I have a question. We keep hearing if we and Europe stop buying Russian oil today the Chinese will step in and buy it.
Oh really?
Well, doesn’t that mean they will be buying less somewhere else? Why don’t we just buy from that somewhere else until we increase our own production? Won’t that somewhere else want to sell us the excess they now have?
I don’t know – maybe that will make Bernie and AOC mad.

Some Issues By The Wayside

As we have turned our attention to the war in Europe, we have left some issues behind. Here are some thoughts on them:

Did you see there were two new studies on the origin of covid? The studies conducted by United States scientists traced the original of the SARS-CoV-2 novel strain of the coronavirus to the market in Wuhan. Their report concluded it had to begin there.
Will the President say tonight we want to follow up and find out how the virus began?
Why not?
Allowing China to skate by just means we never learn. We will one day have to face down China as we are Russia today. How about acting now to take back our manufacturing of key products like medicine?

The President followed through on his commitment to choose a black woman for the Supreme Court. She was appointed a judge by President Obama, promoted last year and named this year for the Supreme Court. She looks well qualified and should be confirmed with little issue.
She is far left for sure and a number of her decisions were overturned even by liberal justices.
Thus, my suggestion to Republican Senators is not to attack her as Democrats did Brett Kavanaugh. You won’t win. Ask about her decisions and let Americans know what she has ruled. Educate on this position. Vote how you want, but show class.

Remember our own self created border crisis that MSM is not covering? Well:
This got no coverage, but at the National Sheriffs’ Association meeting, sheriffs demanded to be notified of new arrivals as the Department of Homeland Security ships thousands of illegal immigrants throughout the country.
They say locals will have to keep track of migrants if federal officials can’t. At the very least, they need to be aware of migrants whom law enforcement agencies are dropping off in their jurisdictions.
“You’re sending them to any county in this country, they need to notify the sheriff of that county who’s arriving,” said Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County in Massachusetts. “We have a right to know that. If they’re shipping terrorists into our neighborhood, we have a right to know that. Drug dealers, smugglers — we have a right to know that.”
The cover up of what is occurring at the border and after we release illegal crossers is unbelievable.

Though it won’t come up tonight except for I ended the war this came out of Afghanistan yesterday:
The Taliban announced that no one will be allowed to leave the country without a good reason, and women will be barred from traveling without a chaperone. At one time woman groups would have spoken up in outrage, but this is different. Joe Biden is President.

Republicans Have Their Issues

The Republican Party problem was illustrated at the just concluded C-Pac convention. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Michael Goodwin and former President Trump:
“But if I am a voter who agrees with you on most policies but disagrees with you about the election results, or is just tired of hearing you talk about it so much — should I vote for you? Is it a litmus test that I must agree the election was stolen?”
Trump shook his head and said no without elaboration before asking me a question: “But because I won, how can I not talk about it?” 
After ticking off the roster of states where he has alleged fraud, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, he added, “Everything I said was true, and it’s being proven as we speak.”
That’s the endless rabbit hole of continuing claims and audits that have proven nothing significant, so I repeated the question: “Is agreement a litmus test for voters?”
His answer shifted, and after citing the large crowd size at his recent rallies, he claimed, “These people want me to talk about 2020 more than anything else.”

Well, maybe some of his supporters do, but not the majority of voters and the surest way to a Democratic victory in 2024 is to look back at 2020 and drive those voters to once again come and vote (in the general election) for anyone but Trump. When people ask me how Biden won, I answer he didn’t. Trump lost. The voters came out to vote against him.

That doesn’t deter conservatives. Trump got 59 percent of the vote in a straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference‘s meeting in Orlando, Fla., beating out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 31 percentage points. 

If you believe that poll, then you have to believe the polls that show Biden ahead of him in a general election.

Former AG Barr, who I have immense respect for, wrote this (from the WSJ):
Republicans need to put former President Donald Trump in the rearview mirror in 2024 in favor of the party’s younger leaders, the former attorney general writes in a new book.
In his upcoming 600-page book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” Barr says he thinks Trump could’ve beaten Joe Biden in 2020 if he had “just exercised a modicum of self-restraint, moderating even a little of his pettiness,” according to the Wall Street Journal. 
The conservative lawyer encouraged members of his party to consider “an impressive array of younger candidates” whom he did not identify by name — who he believes share Trump’s agenda but not his “erratic personal behavior,” the book says.

I think that last sentence says it all. Many of us believe in the Trump agenda and want that for our nation today. We want it without the division, behavior and ego that it came the first time.

A NY Crime Update

“Gun Violence” is the cry I have reported out of the MSM in NY and yet crimes continue that don’t involve guns.
Yesterday we saw a 37 year old with an arms length of crimes booked on taking feces and smearing it all over a woman’s face and hair on the subway. Ban feces, I say.
The day before a woman was beaten to critical condition as she walked down the steps of the subway. A hammer was used. Ban hammers, I say.
Then we learned of a grandmother who was hospitalized from her attack on the subway weeks ago had passed away. Ban knives, I say.

You get the idea. It is not the gun, the knife, the hammer or the feces. It is the criminal. Every perp in these cases had records as long as your arm. Protect the people, not by banning things, ban the criminal.

One last study out of NY. Ready for this? You heard about the turnstile jumpers for the subway, right? Well how about this. Almost one third of those who ride the busses in the city don’t pay. (50% in the Bronx don’t pay). They walk on and bypass the payment. Cost to the city in just three months – $56 million.
Now the city reports that they also lost $41 million to subway fare non payers. So let’s see $96 million a quarter lost.
Yeah, raise your taxes because you don’t pay enough. Think about that.

As we head to the off year elections, think about your vote. It makes a difference.

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