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It’s five days in and all the predictions that Ukraine would fall easily have not occurred. In fact, it is the opposite. The Ukrainian people have fought back fiercely and as we write this, peace discussions are occurring on the Belarus border. The outcome of the situation is unknown, but it is hard to see Vladimir Putin backing down.
The Ukrainian people have shown they are willing to fight for freedom and earned the admiration of the free world. The next week could be dangerous and bloody for them, and we are all hoping for their success and well being.

The U.S. Is Leading — From Behind

The U.S. (and this administration) were correct in their assessment that Putin was going to attack Ukraine. Not all of us thought so, they were right. Did they help arm Ukraine? No. They waited until two days after the attack and following Europe sending arms, then they did the same. Did they lead on the economic side? No. Again, Europe did and we followed.
Finally this AM they did something by cutting the Russian National Bank off. We’re five days in.
Add this.
There are many acts of courage the Ukrainians have shown…those 13 guards on the Island facing a Russian warship telling them to
“Go f… themselves.” A free Ukraine will long remember them as we as children learned of Nathan Hale and his regret of having “but one life to lose for his country.” (Of course, I have to warn the Ukrainians that sometime in the future their offspring might find something wrong with those guards and remove any statues they might build.)

However, the one quote that will live forever and defines the weakness of this administration is the one where our President told Zelenskyy that he would send a plane to get him out. The reply by Zelenskyy is one for history. “I don’t need a plane” he said, “I need ammunition.”
That tells you all you need to know about leadership. It tells you about appeasement and acceptance of bullying and real leadership.
Here are some quotes from Zelenskyy the leader:
“This might be the last time you see me alive,” talking to European leaders asking for assistance.
“We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine,” in answer to a question of would he leave.
“We are defending our country alone. … Europe said ‘never again,’ but here we are.”
How telling is that last quote after the lessons of the past? The old saying is, if you don’t learn from the past, you are apt to repeat the same mistake. Allowing a tyrant to take over other nations is a mistake the world has paid for before.

By the way, we just closed (“suspended”) our operations and removed our personnel from the Belarus embassy. Make that three we’ve now closed in the past nine months. Try and name three we closed the last decade.

The Oil Card

I just don’t get this. I cannot answer the question, why buying Russian oil is better than drilling our own.
I know giving Russia funds is not good, they use it for expansion purposes. Why is our dependence on Russia in any manner good?
Now I hear the left say “no drilling, we are going green.” What has that got to do with the needs and use today?
Why is our drilling for need today any different than paying Russia and Iran? How is the media not all over this question? We are supporting our enemy. With all the sanctions, we are still buying Russian oil. Our drilling our own would not increase oil production by one barrel. What is wrong with these people?
So why then? Some argue that the higher the oil price the more we will go green. That can’t be the reason here – can it? People are dying.

The President needs to lead and face down Bernie and AOC and say we are not slowing the drive to green, but until we can we are producing our own and going to supply others.

So much more to talk about, but let’s leave it here for now.

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