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After The President Spoke

After the President spoke I had immediate reactions, and none have lessened since. Here are some:

You are going to watch the oil companies to make sure they don’t gouge on pricing?
Are you serious?
Your energy polices have single handily resulted in the price rise. Your climate focus eliminating U.S. energy independence has led us to buying oil from Russia – more oil from them than we buy from OPEC. How could you let this happen? Weren’t you the experienced one who knew Putin had no soul? How could you make us dependent on him? Now you want to watch the oil companies? I suggest you watch the progressives in your party who led to this energy dependence.

While you’re at it, check your climate czar too.
To hear John Kerry worrying if Putin will stick to the climate concern while he was dropping bombs on his neighbor is a disgrace. That’s what he worried about yesterday?

Your sanctions were a joke. A total joke. Putin didn’t even blink listening to you. The word that comes to mind is weak; as in the reminder, they never attack us when we are strong, only when they perceive us as weak. Your speech and press conference was weak. The world thinks you are weak.

Then when you answered that you “never” said the sanctions could or would deter, you lied. You lied because you said it, your VP said it in Europe in front of world leaders, your Secretary of State said it and your NSC head said it. You ALL said it.
You’re just lucky the lame MSM is so lamely on your side. A real press would have pounded you.

On that score, where was this question?
Mr. President, when you spoke to us two weeks ago with the German Chancellor you said if they attacked you would cut the Nord Stream2 pipeline. Well, they attacked. They attacked from every side. They attacked from the ground, the sea and the air. What happened? Did you lie that day? Did your failed leadership with other leaders stop the action? I heard what you said, even if the media won’t call you on it. What happened? They crossed your red line – where is the action? Did you lie or are you just too weak to act?
Where is the media on this?

What else do you need to see from Putin to take action? Yesterday he warned you about helping Ukraine. He said if you did he would take action. He hinted at nuclear weapons. Did you miss that? Do you still doubt him? If you don’t take real action now, then when? Are you going to let that threat stand and he become more brazen and powerful? When are you going to stop him? It wasn’t yesterday—in the speech you winked at him.

Where was the press question on the 1994 agreement that Bill Clinton signed, and you approved, getting Ukraine to give up their weapons for a guarantee of safety and being a free nation. Does your word, our word mean anything?

And stop telling me you gave them weapons. Too little, too late. Mr President, the people in their capital are trying to make molotov cocktail bombs in their homes to protect themselves. You gave them weapons? See the paragraph above for the promise you didn’t keep.

Mr. President, read this from The Auschwitz Memorial:
“At this moment, the free and democratic world must show if it has learned its lesson from the passivity of the 1930s.” 
That is a clear message.

As for oil prices, yesterday the price of a barrel of oil passed $100.00 a barrel. Mr President, do you know the last time it was that high? It was 2014. Do you remember who was VP then? Do you remember that was the year of Russia taking Crimea and you sending pillows? Your weapon of choice then failed and is failing now.

Mr. President, we need real leadership now. I honestly have come to the opinion that you are not capable of doing it.

Meanwhile, To Change The Subject

This report from inside sources at the White House on what to do to change the subject. Declare victory over Covid.
“After two years that necessitated lockdowns, travel bans, school closures, mask mandates, and nearly a million deaths, nearly every American finally has the tools to protect themselves from this virus. It’s time for Democrats to take credit for ending the COVID crisis phase of the COVID war, point to important victories like vaccine distribution and providing economic stability to Americans, and fully enter the rebuilding phase that comes after any war.”
Declare victory?
Candidate Biden said that not one person should have died but for the failed polices of the former administration. Now almost 600,000 have died since you took office. You are going to declare victory? Is there any shame on anyone anywhere in this administration?

Again the MSM will run with your story, but I can’t accept that.

So Much More To Say, But Let’s Leave It There For Now.

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