A Judgement On Putin

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By the time you read this we will likely know what action President Biden is taking in reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. Thus, anything we say now would be old news, but we do have some thoughts on what is occurring.

Vladimir Putin must be treated and forever judged by the actions he has taken. For no reason other than personal want and greed was this war begun.
On what ground have those who have already perished and those who will in the days ahead, because of his actions, justified? Young soldiers, older citizens and innocent bystanders have had their lives cut short because he has an ego that wants to control an empire. What gives this former KGB officer the right to oversee lives ended for no cause? What family should bury a young soldier that volunteered to serve their nation – for just causes – because of this unjustifiable decision by this man? Why should he prosper while they die?

I cannot, in any manner or way, accept the death of anyone’s son, daughter, parent or grandparent in this action. Vladimir Putin must pay. He is a world criminal.

If the President himself does not stand up now and do what he must, and if he does not lead the world to stand up with the strongest actions then he is a failure. This is his moment to fix a year of failure.

What this means is he must hurt Putin personally with all the funds he has hidden away. He must lead the world to kill the Russian economy. No one buys their oil. He must stand up to the progressives and climate people in his nation and unleash our ability to produce oil.
It doesn’t mean he stops his “green energy” focus. It means he provides the energy needed until green is real.
To the climate activists, you don’t know what you are yelling about. If we produce the oil that Russia would have, what difference does it make? You have no argument. You want Green today. Good. Go protest in Moscow, he caused the issue, not us. Good bye and good luck.

He must lead NATO to place limited troops on the border of all the aligned nations that we have agreements with – not American troops, troops from every NATO nation – as a warning to Putin he better not cross another line. A small number is needed and Putin will not dare harm one.
Any NATO nation saying no is out. Defend yourself when Putin comes for you. We’re done. You’re either with us or with Putin. You decide.
In addition, pay the bill. You wanted a deal with the US and agreed on a GDP amount to join NATO. Pay up now or meet your new leader Putin.

Appeasement doesn’t work. The world has less people in it today because we appeased Putin in 2014 and the message he has gotten the past year. If you don’t understand that, you are blind. Putin saw weakness and acted. He did in 2014 and now. He didn’t the past four years – why?
Appease again and North Korea builds its arsenal. Iran goes forward. China moves. Every tinhorn nation intent on taking over and ruling will be emboldened more.

When we won the first Cold War it was under leadership that called Russia what it was. When asked what he saw as the outcome between us and them, the appeasers were alarmed and needed smelling salts when Reagan said it was simple – “we win, they lose.”

Mr. President and the leftists, enough. Your way leads to all those things you say the right is going to cause. History has proven you wrong. It’s time for real action and for “us to win and them to lose” again. They time is now. We need leadership.

Time For Real Action.

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