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All Eyes On One Man

The world as one is focused on one man – Vladimir Putin. In his hands alone is the decision to attack or not. There is no one in his own country that has a voice. It is one man who will decide if people will die, lives changed forever, and the world taken to the brink again. It is one man who, if he decides to attack, will see the world delve into economic upheaval. Every life around the world, including in our own nation will be impacted. Why? Because one man has decided he wants to turn a clock back and rule more people.

We lived through two world wars in the last century because of men like this. The lesson learned was that at some point they must be stopped. It is better earlier than later. That doesn’t mean war today, but it does mean total isolation and make Russia pay. Will the world do this, or have the lessons of the past been missed?
The early answer will come with the pipeline decision by Germany. A reassessment is not good enough.

Which takes us back to day one and the decision of the President to cut U.S. oil exploration and production. That move did nothing to cut emissions since the world used the same amount of oil. All it did was send the sales to OPEC and Russia.
It made zero sense that day and less than that today.

Major Offshoots Undiscussed

Here’s another offshoot you can count on. In the early 90’s Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world. In 1994, under assurances (and pressure) from world leaders (Bill Clinton from our side), they gave up the weapons for a signed guarantee that they will always be a free country.
What’s the worth today?
Now, if you were the leader of North Korea would you give up your weapons? If you were Iran would you give them up? Look at what happened to Qaddafi when he gave up his weapons for assurances of safety.
Weakness from leaders and failed agreements teach one lesson. Stay strong and protect yourself.

And by the way, Russia has agreed to postpone some debt payments owed to it by Cuba until 2027. The countries have announced they would deepen ties. This is 90 miles from our shore line. Weakness and non action just build more problems. Some never learn.

The “wait and see” attitude of Washington and Nato toward Russian leader Vladimir Putin concerning Ukraine leaves the initiative to Mr. Putin. Sanctions can always be lifted if he pulls back his forces. What we’ve done so far has only seen Putin move faster and bolder.

Lastly on this situation, the U.S. abandoned its second embassy in six months. When did you ever hear this before?
On the other hand, Ukraine leader Zelensky and his team, despite urging, currently don’t intend to relocate from the capital Kyiv to Lviv. He knows what a signal that would send and does not intend to invite the Russians to advance.
It’s clear, too, the Ukrainian people intend to fight. Every life that is lost is on the shoulders (and soul) of Putin. What a shame.

A Little Too Late

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper yesterday said that he wished the Obama administration had done more to punish Russia for invading and annexing the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. “Oh, yes, I do. I wish we as an administration had been more aggressive in 2014.” 
No kidding. If you had done the right thing and not appeased maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. You and the administration were too busy telling us how bad America was in the world. It wasn’t us. The blood about to flow goes back to your door step.

Thanks To A Reader For This Suggestion

A reader of this blog sent this suggestion. “Why doesn’t President Biden gather the smartest people he knows, including the person he called the smartest he ever knew, who has connections in the Ukraine government at the highest levels to help here? I’m talking about Hunter Biden.”

The President, The Court and SOTU

The President promised his supreme court nominee by months end. So within the next few days we will hear his choice. I’m hoping it is someone that can garner bi partisan support. Judge Childs from South Carolina might make the approval process easy. Let’s see.

Then on March 1, the President has The State Of The Union address. I think he looked at the chance to nominate the first black woman as an opportunity in the SOTU to gain momentum. Now with the world situation it will be lessened.

Presidents love to open their SOTU’s with a positive view of the nation and world. Can President Biden open with that?
Speech writing is an art.

Have A Great Day – Keep An Eye On The News And World.

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