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They Think You’re Dumb

Remember the gas tax proposal by a few Democrats up for reelection? The one that would suspend the eighteen cents per gallon federal tax? The one to “help” because gas is so high per gallon?
Well guess what?
That Democratic bill offered suspendS the tax only until Dec 31. You see, the election is over by then so why offer tax relief after that?
They really think we’re dumb don’t they? Now I wonder if the opponents of those candidates will be able to articulate this travesty.

What Issues Concern You? It Will, Tell Your Party

Here’s a poll that came out over the weekend. Look at what the voters of each party say concerns them. It will help decide what party you are part of and where Independents fall.
Among Democrats the top issues are climate change (17 percent), changing election laws (16 percent), and inflation (13 percent).
Among Republicans the top issues are inflation (36 percent), immigration (23 percent), and crime (11 percent). 
Among independents the top issues are inflation (32 percent), immigration (10 percent), COVID-19 and climate change (9 percent each).

It seems like Republicans and Independents are on the same page and helps explain why Democrats are scrambling now to adjust.

While on Crime

Where was the NYC Mayor and news media this week yelling about “gun violence?”
All the headlines were about crime, none of which involved a gun, but did have knives, stabbings and psychical assaults. There were six stabbings on the subways this weekend. In fact, “slashing and stabbings” in the subway system are up 29% this year. How come I don’t hear them bemoaning knives and wanting to ban knives?
The answer is simple. You and I know it. It’s not the gun or knife, it’s the criminal. You let them loose and crime goes up.
The person who hit that four year old kid in Times Square had 51 prior arrests. He has 3 recent arrests, and two weeks ago he hit a woman (unprovoked) in the head in the subway.
Another arrest this weekend was of a “Professional thief” who with 96 prior arrests was busted again at NYC Target.
A “serial thief” arrested at Rite Aid had 167 prior arrests.
Don’t forget the guy who murdered that Asian woman (with a knife) after following her into her building. He had 16 arrests in one day.

Maybe it’s the criminal they should be focusing on. The lawbreaker seems to be the issue. Is that so hard to see?

On That Subject – Look At What The Mayor Said

He announced a new plan Friday to clean up the city’s subway system by cracking down on rule-breaking and preventing people from living on the trains and in the stations. (From living on the trains, got that?)
Now look at what he said about the subways and what the previous administration and liberal city council have allowed. You wouldn’t believe this if you didn’t know better.
He said:
“No more smoking. No more doing drugs. No more sleeping. No more doing barbecues on the subway system. No more just doing whatever you want.”
“No. Those days are over. Swipe your MetroCard. Ride the system. Get off at your destination. That’s what this administration is saying.”
Can you imagine that? The Mayor is saying no more breaking the law on the subway. How did it get there Mayor?
He then said “swipe your card and ride the system.”
That’s a change too. Until now the criminals (and others) simply jumped the turnstile, or walked in the exits and police just watched. The same system that raises prices because it needs more funds. Imagine everyone paying their fair share to ride. Wow, a revolution.

The lesson is simple: You create an atmosphere for crime, guess what – you get crime. The city created the mess, let’s see what they really do now.


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