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Interesting Updates To Stories We Reported

Is San Fransisco Rewoke?
The voters spoke yesterday and backed a recall of the three school board members they elected two years ago. In fact, it wasn’t even close. 79 percent of them voted to recall Alison Collins, 75 percent to oust Gabriela López and 72 percent supported the removal of Faauuga Moliga.
So now San Francisco Mayor Breed is tasked with appointing replacements to serve on the board until the November election, and guess what? All the schools get to keep their Washington and Lincoln names. The three defeated candidates were so woke they were changing names. Now they get to change jobs instead.
Next? There is a recall effort underway for the SF DA.
Is this a reawakening or a temporary enlightenment?

One thing is for sure, this is another message to the Democrats that they took this country too far left and unless Donald Trump and the Democrats save them, they are in for a rough November.
There’s another poll out today from the Convention of States Action (working with the polling firm Trafalgar Group) that found the largest gap we’ve seen – 13 points – in voters preferring Republican candidates for the midterm elections. That is really wide, and seems a little out of sync; but what voters said they are concerned about was on target. It was law and order, aggression from China, border security and the economy.

Today is Wednesday, attack day for Russia in the Ukraine according to our government. 
Russian President Putin said yesterday that they were ready for talks with the United States and NATO on military transparency, missile deployment limits and other security issues. The president didn’t take any questions in his Russian denouncement yesterday or he could have been asked if this was another distraction by Putin.
Now there was also this report:
Putin, who spoke with visiting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Moscow on Tuesday, said Russia’s military leadership “made a decision about partial withdrawal of troops” from the areas where military exercises were taking place.
Those assertions of a pullback were not confirmed by U.S. intelligence or by NATO.
It doesn’t seem like the ever liberal NYT believes there will be an attack. Here’s their editorial headline today:
Is Sleepy Joe Biden making Vladimir Putin Blink?
Really, it was. Remember what we’ve been saying for days now.

Oh, so that’s why?
I thought you should know why Jen Psaki told us there is so much crime in NY these days against Asian citizens.
No, it’s not because there is a growth in Asian population in the city.
It’s Donald Trump’s fault. Yes, Donald Trump.
Well, she said he called it the China Virus and turned people against Asians.
So now you know why there are muggings on the subway, murders in the streets and stabbings in homes. They are doing Donald Trump’s work. From my side, I doubt many committing the crimes know that Donald Trump isn’t President anymore.

With all the noise about masks, check out the report below. Before you read, first answer the question if we should all be wearing them. The survey is from Morning Consult and printed in Politico.

Last, today a story back to the Epstein scandal:
Prince Andrew agrees to a settlement in the Jeffrey Epstein case. The rumor is that it was a $12 Million settlement and the Prince will lose status in the Royal family.
Now the question is what about the other names we’ve heard about? Will they be exposed? It was underage young girls. Shouldn’t they be named now?

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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