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The issue is front and center as the drumbeat of war continues. The noise is loud, the coverage massive and the fear genuine.
Is it real? Well, certainly the Russians have sent troops to their border with the Ukraine, and Putin clearly wants the old Russian empire back in place as much as possible. (Countries like Poland are not going back; they are members of NATO.)
Here’s a thought.
We (The U.S.) are making the most noise. Ukraine, in fact, said they do not believe an attack is coming and the U.S. is raising the temperature with its noise.
Is it possible the administration believes that Russia is not going to attack and this is a chance to present the President as a seasoned leader who talked them down?
It would be an asset for their foreign affairs, which they need, and efforts to present a President in charge. Possible?

The Durham Report

The report over the weekend that Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the 2020 election paid “Internet Company 1” to access servers at Trump Tower and the White House in the search for a connection between Trump and Russia was shocking. The findings emerged in the legal filings against Michael Sussman, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign, charged with making a false statement to the FBI.
Two plus days in a now and no one has denied the report, which makes its credibility even more believable.
The report said that the spying continued after the election:
“They didn’t just spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. They spied on Donald Trump as sitting President of the United States. It was all even worse than we thought,” was the quote.
If true this is the worse scandal of our lifetime.
Yet the MSM did not cover one second of this report. After three years of Trump Collusion with Russia, that has been disproven, we find out again that it was the Clinton campaign doing this. How is that possible?
If proven do we bill them for the misspent dollars chasing their false story, like $33 Million for Robert Mueller’s report?
How can ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times not cover this for a second? They won awards for the false coverage of collusion; how they can avoid this? Oh yea, they are covering a story that the former President may have flushed documents into a toilet.
By the way, the book writer of toilet story won a Pulitzer for the now false story about Russian Collusion.

Masks And The Super Bowl

It was a great game and a fun one to watch. The question, though, is how could all the celebrities and politicians attending the game not have on a mask? Not one of them. They who preach to us. Not one of them?
Worse of all was Mayor (“I held my breadth”) Garretti who was pictured all day without one on. A week ago he swore he took it off only for a picture and held his breadth.
How can they (LA Voters) ever (though they will) reelect a person who looks into the camera and lies to their face within a week? A man, who along with the Governor, will demand the school children wear masks today to school in less crowded circumstances.

Sorry, Nancy

Speaker Pelosi said on a Sunday show the Democrats are not for defunding the police. So nice of you to speak up now that the polls are turning on you. However, when it mattered we have the President answering yes to a question about reimagining police funding, and the VP supporting funding changes.
You and the party turned your back on the police over a rogue officer who is jailed for life in Minneapolis. There is no backing away now. Second, all these DAs’ whose policies are driving crime in major cities are from your party.
It’s too late Speaker, your party owns this. We remember you kneeling to honor a victim and disparaging all officers.

Here’s An Example

Yesterday an arrest was made in another horrific crime in NYC. Here’s all you need to know. The person committing the crime had 44 prior arrests and 16 in one day! Impossible he was on the street to do another? Here’s the story:

Happy Valentines Day To Our Loyal Readers. May Your Day Bring Love and Happiness.

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