Impact And Planning…

Take a look at the chart above. The blue line is the wage change and the red line is inflation. Then note the period of the Biden year in gray. One quarter in for the new administration and the lines cross for the negative. The administration has three quarters left to reverse this before the mid year elections. Not an easy task with inflation.

President Reagan famously asked America in the sole debate with President Carter (four days before Election Day, when Election Day was Election Day) “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”
Why wouldn’t a united party ask that same question to America about the Biden administration?
Are we better off at the border? Does his policy and plan have any semblance of sense?
Are we better off with Iran? He lifted the economic embargo and here they are closer than ever to building the bomb.
Are we better off in the Middle East with the disgraceful withdrawal that has been revealed as no plan?
Are we better off with Russia and Putin? Did they lie about Russian collusion?
Are we better off with China? Would they have done what they are with a stronger President?
We told NATO we’re back. Back to what? I guess paying the bills they promised to pay. Is that better off?
Was it a good idea to cut oil production in the U.S. while we went green?
Was it a good idea after finally becoming energy independent to be back begging OPEC and Russia for supplies?
Why, I ask again, is it harmful for us to drill but not OPEC and Russia? Did they need more of our money than our people?
Was “defunding and reimagine” the police a good idea in any sense of the imagination?
How are the Democratic DA’s working out in the big cities?
Inflation is at a 40 year high, the President’s solution – Build Back Better – so spend more money. Does that make sense?

The list goes on. Now, of course, as we’ve noted many times the Republicans and former President Trump in particular can impact this.

The Republicans need to run against the administration and their performance and not each other. Watch how the former President gets involved and tries his best to make it about supporting him and his 2020 claims of a stolen election. If they divide themselves they lose the opportunity of a generation to win big.
My counsel to them both is to sit back, prepare your plans and go on the offensive against the administration’s policies and not each other.
I don’t think they can do it. Keep a watch.

Let’s See Now

The mask rules are being relaxed, even in the blue states. Most are easing school rules in March. New covid cases are down. We are going back to work and putting this behind us. The new attitude emerging is “learn to live with this.”

Now, how come New York City is laying off 3,000 workers today for not vaccinating? Really, you are doing this now?
It was DeBlasio’s policy that the new Mayor Adams has adopted. Adams came in as a breath of fresh air, but already some are wondering.

Have A Great Weekend And Thanks For Reading This Blog.

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