Wait. Really?

Things In The News That Made Me Go “What?”

A parade of Democratic governors in charge of some of the bluest states — including New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Oregon, California, with NY and Illinois to follow, today have announced they are lifting mask restrictions. So they are joining the red states in no outdoor masks with a number naming a date for school restrictions to lift.
Now, why?
You and I know, it’s because the Virginia and NJ elections scared them and the polls show people are done with the masks – especially as “the science says” cloth masks are useless.
However, that is not stopping them from their next line — “We beat the virus.” Stay tuned for this and watch how many people they fool this time. You might be surprised.
I’m sure they saw this poll release too:
A Monmouth poll showed that 7 in 10 of Americans agree with the statement that “It’s time we accept Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives. Support for mask and vaccine mandates is rapidly declining.”

By the way, in Virginia where this uprising began, the new Governor has been fighting to end masking in schools. He got pushback from some towns and school boards. Well, yesterday there was a major turning point in the state. Ten of the 21 Democrats in the VA. State Senate joined all their Republican colleagues to pass a bill that bans local school boards from implementing school mask mandates.

See what happens when people pay attention to what they are voting for?

Now to show you both parties love to shoot themselves in the foot, here’s an update from the Republicans.
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) for its decision to censure Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger.
As we’ve reported, one of the dumbest moves of all time, the RNC declared the events of January 6, 2021 to be “legitimate political discourse.”
How could that possibly be proposed and passed?
Ronna Romney McDaniel (RNC head) should be replaced over that move. She’s only still there because Donald Trump said to leave her. She was out maneuvered in the 2020 election going along with the former President. They both advocated voting on Election Day and lost the mail in ballot that decided the election. Now she adds this. Time for a change.
Supporting a peaceful protest is fine. Supporting what happened later in the day is beyond anything I can understand. If the riots all summer were wrong, so was the riot at the capital. Why is that so hard for some Republicans?

An offshoot of all this – Support from Democrats has turned Ms. Cheney into a fundraising juggernaut for this year’s midterm elections. It has more than made up for the financial backing she lost from being one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Mr. Trump in 2021.
How dumb can they be? If the RNC continues they’ll single handily get Cheney reelected.

Want more?
How about Stacey Abrams apologizing for not wearing a mask while standing among school children during that photo? Don’t you wonder how she and her staff did not recognize the message it would send? Are they like so many elected Democrats – that tone deaf?

REALLy Go Fund Me?
They refuse to give the money ($10 million I hear) to the protesting truckers for whom it was donated. Why? They don’t agree with them. Oh? What do they want to do with the money, return it to those who gave it? No. They want to decide whom to give it to. Who are they to do that? Now Go Fund Me is political too? Who voted them judge and jury? The PEOPLE gave that money to the truckers. Who the heck are you?
I think Elon Musk got it right on Twitter when he branded GoFundMe as “professional thieves.”

Let’s see now.
President Biden is supporting electric cars. He loves GM because they are union and will back them and not support Tesla because they are non union. Oh that sounds fair. Electric cars yes, but only some.
Add this now, a story I bet you won’t read in the MSM.
GM has hired Missy Owens, President Joe Biden’s niece, to be its director of ESG policy. They said she will “continue her work in sustainability and lead policy efforts on ESG stewardship, coalition building and collaboration in partnership with General Motors’ expanding Sustainability team.”
What is ESG ? It stands for environment, sustainability and governance – is a growing part of large corporations and is aimed at amplifying the company’s societal values.
Owens is the daughter of the president’s sister and close confidant. She spent eight years in government relations at Coca-Cola and previously worked in the Obama and Clinton administrations.
So the former President’s niece (Mary Trump) writes a book about him to raise funds. Biden’s niece just gets jobs. I’m sure like Hunter she is more than qualified.

Here’s another story:
That I am sure the MSM will not cover much. As you read it ask yourself what they (the MSM) did with every nickel rise of gas prices under a Republican President.
President Biden’s plan to make combatting climate change a “whole of government agenda” resulted in Americans shelling out more than $1,000 extra in energy costs last year. Mr. Biden’s climate change policies coupled with rising inflation contributed to the highest single-year increase in energy costs in decades, found the analysis by the Heartland Institute. “
Rapidly rising energy prices are no accident, but instead the predictable result of the administration’s war on energy,” said James Taylor, the president of the Heartland Institute.  
Overall electricity prices jumped 8% last year, while industrial energy prices climbed 15%. The price of gasoline, meanwhile, rose more than one dollar per gallon last year.  The impact of the policies impact was most felt on families when it came to the cost of heating their homes. Last year, the price of home heating oil soared 43%, while natural gas prices skyrocketed by 61%. Electricity, home heating oil and natural gas are the primary energy and heating sources in 93% of the nation’s homes, according to the U.S. Energy Information Association.

Seems like if you are really concerned about the little guy you would be all over this. Is the Administration? Is the MSM?

That’s Enough For Today. It all adds up to “What” from me.

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