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Some Stories That May Have Been Missed

Liz Cheney may be on the outside with her Republican counterparts but she has at least one friend. Sen. Mitt Romney will join her at a fundraising reception in March.
Since Romney has his own problems, she will likely get the chance to do the same for him in the near future. My bet is they both lose primaries in the future.

With all the noise about Russia preparing to attack the Ukraine, why is there no noise or coverage about what they are doing in Belarus?
Russia had moved into the country, which NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said this week was taking place “under the disguise of an exercise.” Officials say Putin may be “preying” on the domestic vulnerability of Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko, who has relied on Russia’s support to stay in power after mass protests broke out in the country.
Doesn’t it seem Putin is continuing to move and reassemble the old Soviet Regime? Doesn’t he seem more active these days? Does anyone think our foreign policy is solid right now? Remember when Trump was “Putin’s Puppet”? How come he (Putin) didn’t move then?
Where is the MSM on this now?

Did you see the FBI statistic reports released?
They showed that homicides jumped by nearly 30% in 2020 compared with 2019. The Council on Criminal Justice report shows that the number of homicides in 22 major cities, including Chicago, the District of Columbia and Milwaukee was higher last year than in 2020, with 218 more homicides, and 44% higher than in 2019, with 1,298 more homicides.
The National Police Association said,  “I do believe that homicide rates will continue to increase as long as the vilification of law enforcement continues.” The police association, she said, is “hopeful” that Americans recognize “that the police are not the problem; criminals, bail reform and lax prosecutions are.”
That is correct, the “police are not the problem.” If you watched the funeral this AM of a NY Officer that point was reinforced.
Where’s the MSM on this?

There’s an interesting development in the Georgia Governor’s race and with taxes.
On the Republican side there is a proposal to eliminate the state income tax. What makes the race especially interesting is that right now Georgia is located in an “income tax sandwich.” That is because it is located in between Florida and Tennessee. Neither of these states have an income tax. If Georgia were to do that, it would make another state in the south an attractive “go to” state and make those high tax blue states less so.
Add the fact that with the Build Back Better bill failing, the SALT limitation on deductions remains in place.
The reason red states are dropping tax rates is like almost all states, they are flush with cash. The Biden Administration had a rule that the courts overturned saying any aid could not reduce taxes. Once the courts say they cannot do that the red and blue state differences showed up.
By the way, Georgia would be the tenth state with no income tax if this passed.

Are Democrats worried? Just look at what the New Mexico Democratic Governor is proposing:
She wants 16 year olds eligible to vote, expansion of the use of mail-in ballots, create an option for straight party-line voting on ballots and remove a prohibition on voting by convicted felons.
Which of those ideas would not benefit her and her party?

Have A Great Weekend.

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