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Amid The Noise On Justice Breyer, Remember

You’ve heard the noise with the announcement that Justice Breyer is going to retire. Actually, you heard it earlier when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year called for him to not be selfish and retire. What you are witnessing is the complete polarization of the Supreme Court. Why?
You will hear many reasons, but this is why:

Until 2013 you needed 60 votes in the senate to approve judges. What that meant simply was judges had to be somewhat passable to the left and right. It meant more moderates and less extremes on either side.

What happened was Senator Harry Reid forced a change through the senate, as majority leader, to approve judges with a simple majority. He changed the rules. It excluded only the Supreme Court, but it was called the “nuclear Option.” He was warned that this would lead to more changes and backfire.

Sure enough the Democrats lost their majority and then started to filibuster Supreme Court nominees. In 2017 the “nuclear option” was expanded to include the Supreme Court led by Mitch O’Connell.

We went from needing 60 senators to agree before a judge could be approved to 50. The rule changed the court and dragged the independent body into politics.

This mess was created by Harry Reid and he was warned of the consequences. Mitch O’Connell finished the job and the nation and courts will never be the same.

You get what you vote for. Blame the voters.

So Now What?

Well the President has announced he wants a “black woman” on the court. In my opinion he should not have announced any specific gender or color, but tell people he wanted the best person. Then he nominates a black woman and there is no question, is this the best person?
Someday we will look back and say defining any role or spot by color was wrong. It goes back to Martin Luther King’s words about defining a person not by color but the content of their being.

That said, know this appointment will help the President. He will get positive press and needs to assure minorities he can and will deliver for them. He and the party will ride this one.

It’s also a gift for the mouth that always roars, Chuck Schumer. He gets to push this through a 50/50 senate and tout his leadership, which is in big need of a positive. His bringing the filibuster to a vote last week hurt him. He took a big hit with that, members calling him selfish, worrying about himself and a leftist challenger next year and not the others.

What should Republicans do? They shouldn’t shoot themselves in the head, but….
First of all, some will recognize that the person nominated is qualified even if she doesn’t support their views. It will not be a surprise to see many (think Graham, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Burr etc.) voting in favor. I expect any nominee to earn far in excess of the 50 votes.
On the other side, some will make a mess of the process as they want revenge for the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings.

They would be far better off not getting into a fight they can’t win and show leadership. You want to make appointments – win elections.
This appointment is a replacement for a moderate to left leaning justice and changes nothing. Why alienate many with charges and accusations that will change nothing?

A Few Other Things

With the evacuation of our Ukraine visiting citizens and embassy, Congressman Mike Gallagher had an interesting comment:
“How many more embassies do we need to evacuate before President Biden realizes his foreign policy isn’t working?” 

The Unlock Prosperity newsletter had this question and thought:
What one person in the world has been the biggest beneficiary of the Biden war on American energy? Vladimir Putin. Where is Russia getting the money for those tanks that are ready to roll into the Ukraine? From oil and gas revenues. Russia is a third world country with one asset: energy. Joe Biden is not just ruining the U.S. economy, he is a threat to our and the world’s national security. 

San Jose, Calif., may become the first city in the country to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance and pay a $25 annual fee. City council members voted in favor of measures that would enforce those standards.
Now think about that.
Legal gun owners get to pay a fee and must get insurance. Meanwhile street criminals in California don’t even get arrested for illegal guns unless they fire them while committing a crime. Make sense to you? They are after the wrong people as I see it.

Finally, a poll today from Morning Consult. You hear how President Biden is in such bad shape? Take a look:

If the election were held today, Biden would lose badly to a generic Republican, 46% to 37%. The unnamed Republican candidate would carry 41% of independent voters, vs. just 21% for Biden. Ahh, but then look when the candidate is named:

What can I say?

Have a great day.

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