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The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear a discrimination case involving Asian students who say Harvard University’s affirmative action system discriminates against them. The justices said they will also hear a case involving the University of North Carolina, which rewards Black, Hispanic and American Indian applicants under its affirmative action policy and which challengers say penalizes others.

I am anxious to see how the court decides these cases now that it has decided to take it on. Is discrimination always wrong or allowable at times? If the latter, then who decides when? Who is the judge and jury?

Yesterday we talked about guns and police officers and how wrong the left has been. Defunding, blaming the police, often wrongly (like the false “hands up don’t shoot” narrative that people still believe), have created this mess.

Today this story is in the news:
A police officer has been shot nearly every day this year as a growing wave of shootings and other attacks across the country claimed the lives of four officers in less than a month. Through the first 24 days of the year, gunmen opened fire on cops 22 times, killing three officers, according to data from the National Gun Violence Archive.
Another four officers have been ambushed in vehicle attacks. One incident resulted in the death of a Houston police officer over the weekend.

Even two police dogs have died in the line of duty: one stabbed by a suspect and the other killed by a passenger car during a traffic stop.
Last year was the deadliest on record for police officers, according to data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. In 2021, 62 officers were fatally shot in the line of duty, a 38% increase from the 45 killed by firearms in 2020.

One former officer said this: “When I was a cop, about 10% of the people I came into contact with were going to hate me. Now it’s about 20% because of what we’ve seen from the mainstream media.”

Also in the news this story:
Biden and U.S. officials have taken to publicly describing Putin, 69, as a man frozen in the past — a retrograde leader intent on reclaiming by force some of the now-sovereign territory lost by the Soviet Union. The message to the Russian people is that Putin’s version of nationalism carries a costly price for them because of promised U.S. and European sanctions should Putin order an invasion. A mano-a-mano showdown between Biden and Putin, despite private summits, diplomatic huddles and phone conversations intended by the new administration to ease tensions, has become what Western powers describe as the Russian president’s contrived drama.

Except I am thinking how come Putin did nothing the four years between Obama and Biden? The current President was vice president when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 without a shot being fired. They walked in and there were no consequences.
Answer: Putin has zero respect for Biden and intends (as China, Iran and N.Korea do) to take full advantage of this Presidency while it lasts.

Go back to the Reagan doctrine. They never attack when they think we are strong, only when they believe we are weak. They perceive weak leadership today.

Do we have an income (too low taxes) or spending problem?

Here’s the numbers for last year:
The Congressional Budget Office has now released its final tallies for spending, debt and taxes in Joe Biden’s first year in office.
Start with the expenditures: $6.8 trillion. That’s $2.4 trillion more than the government spent in 2019 before the pandemic. The feds have spent close to $4 trillion in two years to contain Covid – which hasn’t been contained.
Then there is the revenue side of the equation. For the first time in American history, Americans paid $4 trillion in total taxes. This was 18% of our GDP which is right at the recent historical average.

Folks, we do not have a revenue problem in Washington. We have an OVERSPENDING crisis. Yet we hear calls for more spending. Crazy.

Here’s a chart to point out what we told you. Spending drives inflation. Yes, wages are up, but inflation is near double, so people have less:

You know the argument over who handled the virus right and who didn’t? Well:
Texas and Arizona joined Utah and Idaho in recovering all the jobs they lost at the start of the pandemic. The four, all Republican controlled have more relaxed Covid restrictions – which economists say softened the blow on their economies. Businesses and workers have moved in, sometimes leaving more crowded and expensive urban areas. The states—all Republican controlled—also have had relatively relaxed Covid restrictions.
Moody’s Analytics expects a third of U.S. states to return to pre-pandemic employment levels by mid-year, with California and the Northeast trailing because of strong restrictions and a lack of population growth.

There’s much more, but let’s leave it there for today. Lot’s to think about.

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