They’ll Never Solve The Problem…

They Are Blaming The Gun But…

I was infuriated all weekend as I heard first the Mayor of New York (Adams), then the Governor of New York (Hochul) and others across the nation blame guns that come in from elsewhere for their crime problem. Until we elect leaders who understand the issue of crime we have no chance to solve the problem. It’s back to “blame the voters”. They own the problem by virtue of whom they elect to office.

First of all, Mayor and Governor, you look so foolish to any thinking human being. Was it a gun who threw that woman to her death before an oncoming subway train last week? Was it a gun that threw someone before another train yesterday? (Thankfully the person survived.) Was it a gun that killed that UCLA student in the furniture store? (She was knifed to death.) Was a gun that ran through that holiday parade in Wisconsin that killed attendees? (It was an auto.) Are guns sleeping on the subways and entrance ways, or is it people? Are the guns urinating, masterbating and leaving feces all over the area?

The answer is, it is not the gun anymore than the car or knife. It is the people. It is the policies you support. It is the failure to protect the law abiding innocent citizen because you are worried about the rights of the criminal and mentally ill. It is the drugs you have not stopped that are the problem. You think you are being compassionate in not getting them off the subway and street, but in essence you are enhancing their problem by not providing help.

I am so tired and fed up with the immediate rousing of the public by telling them guns are the issue. In big cities like NY, Chicago and LA, you have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Now you want to blame other areas for your problem? Wrong. Your problem is your policy.

The criminals and killers in the stories above used knives, cars, guns and physical force to kill and maim. You know the one thing they all had in common? They were criminals. They were mentally ill. They were drug users. They all gave notice to society that they were threats to citizens and law officers. They were all let out because of your laws and leniency. Now innocent and well meaning citizens are dead because of it. You wanted to protect their rights? These criminals gave up their rights when they broke society’s laws – over and over. Your failure to protect the innocent is a crime in and of itself.

What’s your solution now? More gun laws. How long are the voters going to stand for this? When are the voters going to smarten up?
We don’t have homeless on the street because this is 1930 and the Great Depression. We have programs for them today. In fact, the former Mayor of NY had his wife lead a mental health program that spent $1.5 billion dollars. How did that work out? Where did the money go?
No, these people are on the street because they abuse drugs and have mental issues that need addressing. Taking them off the street is not a violation of their right, but a humane act to help them. How we got this so reversed is a sociological study that should be conducted.
We have a right to safe streets and travel, free of feces, harassment and threat.

Finally with the guns. So you want to ban all guns everywhere I guess. Well tell me this, how did your banning of drugs work out? Every time I hear of a street crime it seems the criminal had involvement with drugs. You did that really well. Now you refuse to take the actions you must to protect and want to take legal guns from the law abiding citizen. You have it all wrong. How about some old fashioned jail time for those having an illegal gun? How about some real time for those using a gun in a crime. Don’t come after me – I am not the problem. The problem is right before your eyes. You better watch out if the voters ever wake up.

Blame The Criminal. Punish The Wrong Doing, Not the Law Abiding.

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