The Press Conference…

The President Speaks

By now you’ve had your fill on the conference and what was said, unsaid and maybe said. So just a few thoughts from me.

I thought the President started off strong and presented his argument for the administration and the job they are doing. He also exhibited a good grasp of the issues with early questions. As the conference went on he seemed to level off and come down a little. By the end he had issues.

The main issue was the shocking seemingly acknowledgement that a “minor” invasion by the Ukraine would be okay. What?
At the conclusion, if I were Russian Leader Putin, I would feel assured that there will be no NATO activity if I decide to invade.
In diplomacy you never give anything away. Yesterday we gave it all away.

The MSM, to me, failed. – as expected.
With the questions and answers some things jumped out like:

Everything is because of Covid. No, that’s not right. The President can say it and not be challenged?
He’s the most successful first year President ever?
How come only 28% want him to run for reelection? That statement sounds like a Trump one and how successful he was. The media called Trump on it. What happened here?
Yes, salaries are up, but inflation is double the rise so people are not better off. No challenge to the statement?
He created 6.1 million jobs, and that is the greatest ever he said.
Did anyone say, we were coming off the pandemic lockouts ,and Mr. President, jobs and work force participation are far below what they were prior to the pandemic? In fact, we should be higher – stop paying people to stay home.
Did he overpromise was question one. He said no. He did. Look at what he said about beating covid, the Russians, inflation, etc.
The border is Donald Trump’s fault? That’s a lie and he got away with.
In fact, everything was Trump’s fault? I can buy his mean tweets, but not his policies. Anyone ask the President about that?
In fact, where were the questions about the open border? We discussed the Ukraine border at length. How about OUR border folks?
What about immigration overall? Does the MSM think that is not an issue?
Or crime? The horrible murders in LA and NY this week, plus five young children shot in Chicago – not an issue? Maybe a question about DA policies and whether he agrees?
One more.
He was proud of his policy on Afghanistan he said. Not a single question or challenge of a policy and performance that told the world we are weak and will back down?

All in all it was an interesting two hours. I know his staff would have been delighted if he left the stage after one.

The Republican Challenge

The President called out the Republicans and their leaders any number of times. “Tell me one thing they stand for.”
Think about that and then consider what Schumer, Pelosi and team would have done with that challenge.
They would have been all over the airwaves with their popular positions.
Where were the Republicans?
Meek and quiet as usual. Why? Are they brain dead?
Where were they talking about border security, lower taxes, criminal control, police support, peace thru strength, etc?
The Republican leaders failed – again.

The Vote Last Night

Then came the vote for what they called voting rights. Let’s settle the issue right here. Do you favor showing an ID to vote? If the answer is yes, then you are a racist and anti voting rights.
What happened to Election Day? In 2020 we had people casting ballots in September, before the first debate. Is that what you want?
How about a real discussion, real time frame and real vote? How about we stop ballot harvesting?
Yes, Biden won in 2020 and there was an attempt to reverse without proof.
Well, let’s fix what the real issue was and get back to an Election Day and true vote.

Now following that 50-50 vote the Democratic leadership did not like the result. So they decided to reverse a senate forever rule and change the filibuster from 60 votes to 50.
Unbelievable to demand a rule change because they didn’t get their way.
The vote to change to rule lost 52-48. (Two Democrats joined the Republicans.) Fair vote? Now go forward and keep the filibuster as is?
One every Democrat supported until now?
Well, not for Senator Bernie Sanders. Here’s his reaction, he was furious:
“It’s not just this vote. These are people who I think have undermined the President of the United States. They have forced us to go through five months of discussions which have gotten absolutely nowhere.” 
He then promised to support a primary challenge for Manchin and Sinema to unseat them.
isn’t that nice? Any MSM coverage of this major divide?

One more thing on this vote. These two Democratic Senators voted to change the filibuster and I think they will have issues if their challengers make an issue out if – Jon Testa, Mark Kelly. It could be decisive.

That’s It For Today. Have A Great Day and Weekend Ahead.

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