The President Speaks…

One Day To A Year In Office

The President will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon. It comes one day short of his first full year in office. Let’s look at that and what I think the goal of the conference is.

By most standards, the polls included, the year has not been the honeymoon most new Presidents get from the voters. With approval numbers hovering around 40% and in steady decline the President and his advisors have to know they need to make an adjustment. The problem for them is they are so tied to the progressive left now that any pivot away could do further harm.
The surprise here is the President ran as a non progressive and then signed on with all his efforts upon winning. The strategy is not working. So what now?

I think what you’ll see beginning with this press conference is a major effort to focus the press, reporting and discussion on what they’ve done. Look over here, not there.
As an example, look at what we’re doing with the infrastructure bill we got passed. Forget the border, forget crime, forget Afghanistan, forget what the Russians are doing on the Ukraine border, forget China and Taiwan, forget North Korea, forget inflation, forget the supply chain …. focus on what we’re telling you.

One of the focuses will be the announcement that you can now “today” go to the web site ( and order your “free” covid test kits. They will be shipped to you free, he will say.
Now let’s see how the press covers this. My guess is they will tout the program and administration for this.
Should they? Would have they have the former President for this program now?
Consider the facts:
The program is late. The administration failed to prepare adequately for the need around the holiday.
If it were your job, would you have expected to have done that? I think so.
They announced the program over a month ago.
Not a single kit has gone out. Would another administration have gotten away with that performance? Not the last one for sure.
They said eight free kits per person per month. Right?
Do you know that tomorrow you can only order four per household? So if you have a family of five, you are one short.
Oh, it will be big news in the MSM.
Except the kits will not ship for “7 to 12 days.” Oh, so now we’re getting into February for the promised kits?
Another thing they say is add 3 days for shipping.
I see. The promised kits in December are really coming sometime in February – and that’s a success for this administration?

You know what else I want to know? (Listening MSM?) Did you (this administration) really divert $80+ billion in the Covid bill for testing to border housing? Is that why there were no kits when we needed them? I want to know if one failed policy led to another.

If this late test kit program is called a success, then count me among those who have a whole different definition of success.
You know what this is good for?
Save the kits for the next variation that will surely follow. You will be ahead of the game.
Because despite the campaign promise to “get rid of the virus,” we don’t even want to find out how it originated.

What Else Might They Do

As unpopular as Build Back Better is, they will revive elements of the bill. They will talk of pieces that they think will resonant with the public. An example is the sending of checks to families, which came to a halt this month. You know that “temporary” assistance that never ends with the government, because how could you be so cruel and inhuman. Watch the appeal here.
Of course, no one will talk of the deficit, impact on inflation (that even the administration now says is not going away quickly) and its impact.
No one will also have a novel idea. What’s that? Go to work. There are a lot of jobs out there unfilled.

Watch closely tomorrow to what is said at the press conference and the post coverage.
I am betting you see a full blown effort from the administration and their friends in the media to present a positive face and stop the erosion.
Don’t bet it lasts a week.

Stay Updated. Stay Informed. Draw Your Own Opinion.

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