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If I Have This Right

If I have this right the media is reporting the virus has declined and appears on the downside in the areas (like the NE) where it arrived first. Now we know that in other countries it came and then slowed after a peak and went away. If we follow that pattern then we are on the path down. I believe that.
The NYT did an analysis and concluded this:
“Would it make sense that this is the peak? Yes! A huge surge in cases that lasts for about one month, followed by a rapid decline, would be consistent with the experience in some places where Omicron arrived earlier than in the U.S. In South Africa, new daily cases have fallen by about 70 percent from the mid-December peak.”
Why I am writing about that?

Because I saw the President on TV yesterday say that he has 500 million test kits on order and he is going to order 500 million more. (Actually they have contracts for 380 million of the first 500 and don’t know when they are coming.)
Let’s see, the first 500 million will be available in two or three weeks – maybe.
The next 500 million when?
And the media is saying the virus has begun its decline?
You wonder why this administration is in trouble? Another perfect solution — after the crisis.
The people who had all the answers before the election sure seem a little behind here.

As he left after announcing the mask purchase the President found out the Supreme Court had ruled his private business mandate to vaccinate was illegal.
Imagine that, in the U.S. the court said the President can’t tell business who to hire and fire because of a vaccine. Hmmm.
What’s the solution to this?
Well according to the Democratic leaders it’s to stack the court.
You lose a decision, then you have to add bodies to the court who agree with you. Imagine if we followed that dictate. The court would have 200 million of us on it today. No problem, we could just increase the debt and pay everyone.

Of course all of this was after the President met with the Democratic Senate Caucus and couldn’t convince them to blow up the filibuster. Now they’ll blame Manchin and Sinema, but it is bigger than them. Some Democrats still believe in the institutions and time.

On Manchin, you would think listening to his fellow party members that he is never with them. Well try this on for size.
During President Trump’s first two years in office, Mr. Manchin voted in line with him nearly 61% of the time, according to the statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight. At the time, Mr. Manchin was running for reelection in a state that Mr. Trump carried by a landslide.
After securing reelection, Mr. Manchin swiftly reversed course and became a safe Democratic vote. According to FiveThirtyEight, Mr. Manchin voted with the Trump agenda only 32% of the time from 2019 to 2021.
Interesting isn’t it?
Like we said to start this week. Have an issue? Blame The Voters. They don’t pay attention and get fooled over and over.

Can The Administration Recover?

Of course it can. In politics the time between now and November, never mind 2024, is a lifetime.
World events can impact a President. Both George Bushes, in their early management of the middle east wars, saw their positive numbers hit the 90% range.
The economy can take off. Reagan had tough sledding (remember his “stay the course” and the pressure to adjust), then the economy straightened and his numbers went up.
If the Supreme Court bans abortion and has other decisions that drive the left off the reservation then you will see Democratic support revive.
Of course, never forget that Donald Trump has the singular ability to drive his supporters to vote and the opposition to do the same.. He can drive turnout – positive and negative – like no one else.
Finally, don’t forget the main stream media and their bias. They have protected the administration so far and I think they will continue to do so.

Right now the issues and decisions are working against the administration, but for the most part it is their policies that are causing the damage, and by all appearances they are not planning to change.

A Final Thought This Week

We talked earlier (this week) about Soros backed DA’s and the impact they were having on crime in major cities. Well, one of the first he backed, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury of 4 felonies related to her purchase of a home in Florida.
Now basically she lied on forms to falsely obtain a withdrawal from her savings account based on a policy related to the coronavirus pandemic. She is also accused of lying on a mortgage application for the home purchase.
Are the charges serious?
If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison for each of the two counts of perjury, and up to 30 years in prison for each charge of making a false statement.

The reason I tell you this is because she is up for reelection in June for the DA office. Watch the result. I think she’ll win.
Which leads me to end this week’s blog the way we began it:
Blame The Voters.

Have A Great Weekend. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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