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Trying To Understand

Why Republicans have such a hard time laying out a simple message. Minority Leader McCarthy declined to speak to the Jan. 6th committee and all the media streams are reporting it as another coverup by the Republicans.
Why is so hard for McCarthy to say something like this:
One year ago today I went on the House floor and condemned the President for his inaction that day. I spoke clear and loud. I supported a committee to investigate – but a real committee. The first thing I was told was that Speaker Pelosi was off limits. Wait, I wanted a full investigation as to why this happened, what the President did and didn’t and who failed with security. No, the Democrats said, this is just about the President. I said no. When you went forward I appointed the Republican members. The Democrats said no. They told me, the Republican leader, I could not appoint the minority members to the committee. They then took two members (who voted to impeach the President) and put them on. Never in my time in congress has the majority rejected the minority choices for a committee and then appointed them.
Now they want me to testify.

This committee is a sham and I want the media to report why I am not going to testify.

I saw the Quinnipiac Poll yesterday and though I know the President is under water, but he is not at 33%. Quinnipiac continues to put polls out that are clearly off and as a school of higher learning they should be embarrassed. Every time they put a new poll out their standing declines. They should either commit to quality or get out of the polling business.

You always hear of political leaders getting the new virus and saying they feel well and the effects are minor. That’s why it was a surprise to see this:
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said he feels “extremely unwell” after testing positive for Covid-19. Let’s hope he’s better today.

It was only one year ago that the USA produced more energy than we consumed. Then Joe Biden entered office. Now we are back to importing oil and gas – mostly because of reduced domestic drilling. OPEC is back in charge. Instead of incentivizing more drilling in Texas and Oklahoma, Biden begs Saudi Arabia to produce more oil.
Take a look at this chart that goes back to 1949.

Now consider this. We cut energy independence and drove up costs on everything. When energy costs are up the cost of goods goes up across the board.
We raised minimum wages. Remember when $15.00 seemed high? We flew past that. Do you think that drives up costs?
We spent trillions of dollars more than budgeted. That drives up costs.
We gave people money not to work and spend. That drives up costs.
Then the administration wonders why inflation is as high as it is? Their polices drove up costs.
Do they have an answer? Spend more.
What’s so hard to understand here?

Who’s advising this President (or is this just the real Joe Biden)? He’s suffering in the polls. He’s fighting for issues that are not popular. He went to the Senate twice to meet with his team to pass BBB. He failed. He goes to Georgia and gives a speech that is divisive. (Not to mention a lie. He never was arrested in the Civil Rights movement. He was on the sidelines for it). Now he going back to the senate today to press and get the filibuster changed. A change that has no chance to pass (a filibuster he supported completely while in the senate).
Who’s advising him on all this?

Register To Vote. Our Future Is At Stake.

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