Blame The Voters…

The Noise Over The New N.Y. DA

As the new Mayor of NYC was being lauded for his stand on policing and making the city safe we, heard from the newly elected DA in the borough. He is a Soros backed DA similar to the Soros backed DA’s in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis. He was elected by promising to decriminalize some crimes, prosecute less, reduce bail and spouting there were too many in prison.
Now isn’t that opposite from what we heard from the newly elected Mayor?

How can that be you say?
Well, blame the voters.
The borough voted over 80% for each. (The new DA got 83% of the vote.)
Well, its a one party town and he was the Democratic candidate.
People don’t examine what the general election candidates are for. They vote the Democratic line in the city.
Thus, after being determined to fix the out of control crime they went for an ex cop as Mayor, but down the line for the party and have a new DA alien to what they wanted (and need).
Blame the voters.

The progressives have figured this out in the big cities. They nominate their primary candidates, work their supporters, fund the race and go all out in the selection vote. A small per cent of the total registered vote. A smaller number know anything about anyone below the top level (in this case the Mayor’s race) and dollars along with name recognition wins.
They win the primary, sit back and know the general race is a joke. They do nothing else.
Soros funds them, they win the DA races and control the system. No charges brought, no one locked up.
Crime increases, repeat offenders grow and the city becomes less safe.
Blame the voters.

Think Soros and Team Are Not Serious

Here’s an email and text message they just sent to raise funds to go after more offices:
In case you missed the big news, MoveOn is doing something we’ve never done in our 23-year history: We’re launching a multimillion-dollar effort to defeat Trump-backed secretaries of state & elect individuals who will count every vote & ensure fair elections.
MoveOn has millions of members in every corner of the country, and together WE can stop Donald Trump and the Republican Party from taking over state offices that oversee our elections and safeguard our democracy. That’s the power of democracy–if we use it.
Claim your FREE “Save Democracy” sticker then consider donating to defeat Trump-backed secretaries of state & stop a Trump coup.

Add This

New York City passed a law that would let noncitizens vote in municipal elections. Mayor Eric Adams allowed the law, estimated to impact 800,000 people, to go into effect amid debate over whether he had the authority to veto it. Think about that. In NYC you don’t need to be a citizen to vote. Can you believe that?
Republican officials filed a lawsuit Monday challenging this in court. Let’s see what the ruling is because it will impact the nation.

Now Consider

You are reading about how many Democratic Congressional Members are not running for reelection (26 as of this AM). A good number of them are in safe Democratic districts (like the NY DA). That means a Democrat will replace them. What that also means is the far left is going to go after each of those seats and the next congress will have more “progressives” in it. No one is talking about this, but now you know.
So when you hear more from the far left a year from now, remember where to look.
Blame The Voters.
The idea of voting down the line because they are a Democrat or Republican is no longer valid. You need to study the candidates.
This isn’t your grandparents’ Democratic Party.
On the other side, Donald Trump is bringing all the division to his side. Yesterday he announced  he’ll never endorse Sen. Mike Rounds after the South Dakota Republican defended the integrity of the 2020 election.
Donald Trump’s Party is not your parents’ Republican Party.

The Adults Will Be In Charge

Remember when we were told during the 2020 election we needed to elect Joe Biden and get the adults in charge of managing the Covid crisis? How has that worked out?
You think we are managing this well now?
Are you satisfied with testing? You know the kits you needed for the holiday? Have you received yours yet?
Maybe the holiday was Valentine’s Day.
What did the administration say? “Who saw this coming?” 
Wait, who saw the original covid coming? You know, the one you criticized the former administration for not having tests for – the one no one knew about.
Of course this administration is lucky that the MSM is on their side, because they would be be getting lambasted for their performance. What have they done to “cancel the virus” as the President promised?
Any new vaccines? Drugs? Treatments? Tests?
Exactly what has this administration done to move things forward with this virus?
Ask the voters who voted in a new administration based upon promises to curtail the virus.

By the way.
They announced that private insurers will have to cover the cost of over-the-counter Covid-19 tests starting Saturday under the Biden administration plan that aims to make it more affordable for people to screen for infections and limit the spread of the Omicron variant.
The insurance companies “must” cover 8 free tests per person per month.
I see, let’s drive up insurance costs and add to inflation. Mr. President, what happened to the trillions we gave you to fight Covid? Where did the money go?

Who Picked This Day?

The President and Vice President are in Georgia today to discuss voting rights. Both attacked the new Georgia voting laws as racially biased. Yet the rules are more lenient than Delaware. Let’s see how the MSM covers this.
A big issue to me is who picked this day for the visit?
The state of Georgia will be celebrating today their college football team winning the national championship last night. Which story do you think will be covered more in the state today?
Another smart move by the adults.

In 2022 Your Vote Counts. Vote As If The Nations Future Is In Your Hands.
Because It Is.

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