Reflections On Yesterday…

Just A Few Thoughts On Yesterday

The day went about like we thought it would and outlined in these spaces yesterday. So, just a few additional reflections:

The President gave his best speech of his presidency in our opinion. He was direct, forceful and passionate.

He was right when the said the truth must always come out. How about now the truth on the charges from the NY Post stories?

The Vice Pres disgraced herself again. How dare she compare the day to Dec. 7, 1941 and Sept. 11, 2001. Whoever advised her to say that should join the long line of her staff departing. The fact she said it says a lot about her.

Former President Trump paid the price for his inaction on the day. His former Press Secretary said he was delighted watching the riot on TV and how much people supported him. Just a poor reaction for a President of the whole country.

He (Trump) was attacked again for his claims of a rigged election. There has never been one proven claim in any state. He lost because the opposition encouraged mail in balloting and went and got them. He pushed day of voting and they won with the extra time. That was it.
Yes, they got people to vote who wouldn’t have gone to the polls. We all know 81 million did not go out and vote for Joe Biden, but they harvested those mail in votes and won.

We repeat.
Should the rioters pay a price for their actions? Yes.
Should every rioter, in every city and town pay a price? Yes.
The inconsistent ones are those who think Jan. 6th is the exception.
That is so biased and wrong that I wonder how any fair American can justify it.

The hearings and investigations will continue. Will they overplay their hand? Of course. It will become clear to most, no matter how hard the MSM tries to support them.

The left better be careful. They are going to bloody former President Trump to the point he doesn’t get the nomination. I tell them again. Their best chance to win is to run against Donald Trump. He has his base, but the base is not big enough to win. Their vehemence and desire to get him may well end with them shooting themselves. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

That’s it for theJan. 6th review. One person died. She was a former Air Force member and a Trump Supporter, shot by an officer from inside the Capital. That is far different from the 2,400+ innocent people killed at Pearl Harbor and the 3,000+ killed on Sept. 11th.

Have A Great Weekend. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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