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Some Interesting Stories

The 24th incumbent Democratic Congressional member announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection. What is interesting about him is this.
His name is Bobby Rush. He is the only person to beat former President Barack Obama in an election. Obama had challenged Rush in a 2000 House Democratic primary and Rush won by more than 30 points.

By the way, 11 Republicans have announced they won’t return for the 118th Congress, so many more Democrats and that is usually a signal on what the outcome will be.

One Republican did resign from congress this week and it didn’t get much coverage.
It was Rep. Devin Nunes of California who led the way in defending former President Trump and was the first to call the Russian Collusion story a lie.
He was right, and never got MSM credit. In fact, most people still believe it happened.

There was a lot of coverage on the time capsule buried in the now taken down base of the statue of Robert E. Lee. The WSJ poses a question daily for its readers to respond to and asked this question:
What would you contribute to a time capsule in your community?
The best answer to me was this:
I’d like to put the members of our city council in a time capsule so they can see the long-term ramifications of their actions.  

Doesn’t that answer seem true for all levels of government today?

So let’s see.
The NY AG’s have decided not to bring charges against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the nursing home lies and deaths or the sexual harassment, and he gets to keep his pension and book proceeds.
Yet, they are bringing charges against former President Trump and his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.
I see.
I guess overstating and/or understating your property values to get loans and pay taxes is far worse than people dying and sexual harassment.
Then again, maybe you should charge all crimes. How about that idea?

Of course, if you follow it at all, the new District Attorney for Manhattan is a Soros person, and though the Mayor wants a crackdown, he is promising the opposite.
Keep an eye on this. Within the year it will be big news.

Did you follow that fiasco on I-95 in Virginia this week with the snowstorm? Can you manage something worse?
What was interesting was how many misinformed people took to social media and elsewhere to blame the recently elected Gov. Youngkin. They went so far as to say this never happened under a Democratic Governor.
The problem is that Youngkin doesn’t take office until January 15th.

I think they call that (to be nice) putting your foot in your mouth. If you follow any of them, delete them.

Anyone see the tests that President Biden promised for the virus?
Where is the MSM who ripped former President Trump for no test for a virus just discovered?
Here we are two years later and this administration was unprepared and then lied we would get them right after the hoilday.
The media is simply unfair.

But don’t worry, they will have wall to wall coverage of January 6th tomorrow. The riots in the rest of the country? They never happened.
Only Washington matters. Your neighborhood, stores, lives and well being, not valuable.

One more thing on the media. Consider this stat:
Comparing interview counts at same points in presidency: Biden: 16, Trump: 72.
Do you hear the media howling? Of course not. They took a side.

There’s so much more, but we’ll save to for another day.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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