Let’s Start 2022 with Fiscal Insanity…

As we begin the new year we hope you and yours had a safe, relaxing and memorable holiday season.
We took the time to relax and look forward to sharing some thoughts as we proceed through 2022.
Happy New Year to all.

Food For Thought As We Enter 2022

We want to start the year by focusing on something we should all be all concerned about as we argue how much more the government should spend in 2022.
It’s called Fiscal (Un) Responsibility and it’s something we should all be concerned about.

We are spending as if it doesn’t matter, and all we talk about is what new programs we can offer. Well it does matter.
Consider these facts:
In 2020, the U.S. Government spent 371 billion U.S. dollars on interest for debt held by the public.
That is over $1 billion dollars a day on interest.
It is equivalent to 9 percent of all federal revenue collection.
That means almost 10% of the taxes you pay goes to pay interest on the debt.

When the numbers for 2021 come out, it will be worse.
We will be well over a billion dollars a day doing nothing but paying interest.
Think about what we could do with $375 billion free dollars.
We could actually fund some of the programs the progressives want.
We could return the money to the people who paid it in taxes. Imagine that.

Are we just ready to continue spending billions we don’t have and increase that wasted spending?
Do we really want to add to that?

Why is it that all we hear on the MSM and from politicians is what else we should spend?
Why isn’t anyone saying stop, look at what we’re paying now on the debt?
Did you know how much interest we are paying? And you are well informed.

If this were your personal budget, what would you do?
Wouldn’t you try and begin paying back what you owe so that you have extra money?

Why don’t we hold our elected officials responsible to do the same?

Keep this in mind as we go forward in 2022 and watch what comes out of Washington.


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