Manchin says “no”… for now

First, today we want to take the opportunity to wish you and yours the best of holiday seasons and the wish of health, happiness and peace for the year ahead.
May the season be special for you all.

We’ll Try And Wrap Up Thoughts Today – First, Manchin

So the Senator said “no” to BBB on Sunday, it’s over right?
It’s over for the balance of this year as congress goes home — but it will be back in January.
Though the Democrats are making a big mistake with their personal attacks on the senator.

What will happen now is the progressives will push the most appealing (to their constituents) parts forward for a vote as stand alone offerings.
The first will be the “temporary” child credit payments to families that was to expire in December. After all no temporary “free” program is ever really temporary and this will prove it.

Then will come piecemeal other parts. The attempt will be to present those against any of it as uncaring and for the rich. This will get messy, you watch.

You say that Senator Manchin will stop it all?
Wrong again.
Remember he was anti the trillions more spending and then said he was okay with $1.5 trillion.
Well the story is he talked to the President about $1.8 trillion this weekend before the President pushed for the whole program.
Manchin is against the $5 trillion ($3 trillion debt adding program that the Democrat leaders say costs “zero”) but he is willing to spend.

In January you will see this BBB to reemerge and it will be piecemeal, with many parts passing. Just watch.

Now those attacking the Senator so viciously are doing a disservice to their agenda.
If they continue, he may well harden and they will pass less than they could have.
Of course the attacks are also made to send a message to other potential Democrats who might wander “off the reservation” of progressive thinking.

Stay tuned and as we get closer to the 2022 mid year elections watch the impact.
On that consider this:
We are hearing that if the election were today the Republicans would pick up as many as 35 seats in the House. Now it’s a long time to next November, but consider this.
If they did pick up a net of 35 seats next year they would achieve their highest total of members in the House since 1929.
That’s an eye opener isn’t it?

Now consider the Governor races in 2022.
If the Republicans pick up any governorships in the presidential battleground states in the industrial Midwest that are up (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin), they will take total control of government in these states and, with this power, they could determine the voting procedures and counts in the next presidential election.”

A lot at stake over the next eleven months.

Why Numbers Can Be Confusing For The Uninformed

When the new unemployment numbers came out the president said “only 2 million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, down from more than 18 million when he first took office.”
He also stated that “nearly 6 million jobs were added this year, which is the most in any first year of a president.”

Okay, then let’s just ask the logical question.
18 Million were on unemployment then and 6 million got jobs; that leaves 12 million. Since only 2 million are getting unemployment where did the other 10 million go?
Hmmm. Let’s dig further.
Well let’s see, 61.8% of the population is in the workforce. It was 63.2% two years ago this month.
Are the numbers something to tout?
I don’t see it that way.
In fact, I think the MSM should be looking at where those people went and how much government payouts have contributed to the large unemployment and why so many dropped out.

The Virus Numbers

Is it me or has the MSM just let milestones pass as if they were nothing? Do you remember how, under a former President, every day we heard the numbers of those suffering and passing from the Covid?
Well we just passed 800,000 dead.
Did you hear that number as you did in the past?
We passed a milestone where more have died in the eleven months of this administration than under the former one.
Any coverage of that?

Wasn’t it the same MSM who covered this statement by a candidate (who won) in the 2020 campaign?:
“If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this: Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths (220,000 at the time), should not remain President of The United States.”
They say words that come back to bite you.
I guess not if you’re the media favorite.

Again, we wish you the best of holiday seasons. Stay safe, enjoy family if you’re together and may the new year bring health and happiness.
We’ll do our best not to bug you.

1 thought on “Manchin says “no”… for now”

  1. Happy Holidays to all that read these articles,,,

    It’s good to be aware of what goes on around us,,,and not only domestically but ABSOLUTELY WORLD WIDE !!!..

    For those of us who follow the world wide media and keep ourselves up to date with the current events and CONCERNS FOR THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS,THE U.S.ofA. ,,well in the eye’s of many foreign nations we are looked at as being in the toilet/bottom of the totem pole or how ever you want to put it,,, ALL is not going well in this GREAT COUNTRY of OURS,,,

    And whats funny about it is that a lot of these far left newly elected idiots that have been voted in, can’t even express themselves in political fashion,,but on the contrary are going off the deep end using vulgar terminology,,,

    For those that came to this country and became naturalized American Citizens and now hold these positions in the congress/house/senate,,and are far left RADICALS,well DAMN-IT,,, they have to be sent BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM and take those others who share those same radical LEFT beliefs with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,F@#ker’s !!!!!!

    Too much analysis is going on and not enough action,,and its about time that the governor of Texas started to at least build a wall,,,,THATS AT LEAST SOMETHING !!!!,,now whats left to do to the Rio Grande is to stock it with GATORS,CROCKS and PIRANHAS,let them flourish,,,have our snipers on our side placed accordingly just in case some should sneak through and then I want to see who will try and come over our Texas Border !!!!!! F@#kers.

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