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Build Back Better

Let’s see. Senator Schumer said he expects a vote and passage of Build Back Better by Christmas. Some on his staff say they have 49 votes locked in. Hmmm.
On the other side Senator Lindsey Graham discussed the CBO study on the “real cost” of the program for ten years (because no one believes the lie that the programs are going away but the taxes will say).
He said in the Sunday shows that it was Senator Joe Manchin who asked him to do it.
What did the study report?
Well, the real cost for ten years is over $5.2 trillion.
The increase to the deficit will be over $3 trillion.

Since he asked for the ten year study to get the real numbers, how can Senator Manchin now agree to pass the bill?
How can there be 49 other Democratic Senators allowing the lie that the programs will end and this will be a zero add to the deficit allow it to pass?

This is one of those moments where you have to decide which side you are on.
Do you want to add $3 trillion additional dollars to the debt of our children?
Do you want to believe (and be so fooled) that this is a “zero” cost?

How can one Senator stand between us and this passing?

Speaking Of Spending

Remember when the President put the VP in charge of the border mess and she said it was the root causes that must be fixed? (Why are people leaving their countries to come to the U.S?)
I bet you didn’t think it was a lack of spending by us in the area.
Today she (the VP) is announcing $540 Million more in commitments to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. (This is on top of $750 Million announced in May.)
Of course all the issues have nothing to do with corruption and failed leadership.
While we see more money wasted, pay attention at how this eases (or doesn’t) the mess at the border; or is it just more showtime for the administration?

This From The Committee To Unleash Prosperity

I’ve seen the argument many, many, many times that inflation is up everywhere so there is nothing US-policy specific to what we’re seeing. Look at this comparison of US and euro area core inflation.


Here’s a second chart on inflation (from the same organization). Take a look and tell me again how trillions more of spending is not going to impact this:

And just so we get this right on the deficit and what is driving everything, take a look at this spending and revenue chart:

To me these charts tell a story. You decide for yourself if they do for you too.

Finally A Surprise To Me

This deals with the horrible tragedy of the tornado this weekend. The devastation, loss, death and pain is unimaginable. I thought for sure we would immediately hear that it all because of climate change. Thus, I was surprised this AM to see this.
Scientists suggest it is too soon to blame climate change for the weekend tornadoes. Twisters have mowed through the United States during previous Decembers, but affected states reported unusually warm, moist conditions on Friday.
Let’s hope we all continue to focus on helping and not engaging theories too quickly.

Have A Great Day. Pray for the victims and those impacted by the weekend tornados.

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