Jussie, Racism, BBB and The Lie…

Verdicts and Racism?

We have had three major verdicts in the past month, and in my opinion the juries got them all right.
Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent.
The Dallas Jury found the three who attacked Ahmaud Arbery guilty.
The Jussie Smollett jury found him guilty.

I imagine most of you reading this agreed that those juries got it right, as jurists usually do, with the exception of the O.J. trial, of course.

Now take that to the next level.
Where were you as they unfolded with your thoughts? Where were most Americans? Where was the left?
Where was the President, Vice President, Speaker of The House and The Progressives?
They all condemned Rittenhouse as guilty and a racist. They knew the Arbery three were guilty and Smollett was attacked.
So who are the racists? Who jumps to conclusions? Who passes judgement?
It wasn’t you or me, was it? All we wanted was justice, and the juries agreed with us.

If we had a fair and non biased press they would be covering this and asking their friends on the left why they rushed to judgement so quickly and are they apologizing. If it were the other way, they would do that, wouldn’t they?

Now the right wing press is attacking back. There are a lot of comments that, unless you followed or sought them out, you would never hear.
Here’s a funny one I thought you might like to see:
The Rev. Al Sharpton declared that the “reported hate attack on my friend and brother, actor Jussie Smollett is despicable and outrageous. The guilty must face the maximum.”
Conservative media critic Stephen L. Miller responded Thursday on Twitter:
“I have good news, Reverend.”

The example of these three cases and the rush to judgement by the left is just one more example why we must vote with our eyes open and return sanity back to our nation.

BBB and The CBO:

Remember that chart I shared yesterday that showed the real cost the BBB plan over ten years, and the fact the real cost is $4 trillion+?
Well the Republicans have asked the CBO to provide that review. (Show the costs over ten years, because the programs are not going away). It may be ready for release as early as today. Let’s see what the coverage of truth is with the MSM.

By the way, the Democrats reported yesterday they now have 49 Senators on board approving the bill. Apparently Senator Sinema is now good to go.
They also said the CBO report they asked for is right. The programs will end they said. Raise your hand if you believe that.
As they said that, this report was in the news today on the Child Tax Credit:

Schumer and Senate Democrats talk a lot about how the American Rescue Plan helped bring the U.S. economy back from the brink of collapse after the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most highly touted policies in the ARP was the expanded Child Tax Credit. Democrats expanded eligibility to include children up to 17 years old, they made the credit fully refundable and increased the amount families could get under the tax credit. All in all, a huge plus for millions of American families. Guess what? It expires in 21 days if the Congress doesn’t pass the BBB. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has all but guaranteed that she’s not going to try to bail the Senate out by passing a short-term extension of the CTC, so it’s up to senators to get their act in gear. After hollering about putting extra money in people’s pockets, how can Democrats let this popular provision expire?

Oh, I see how can they let this “expire.” The added payment they said was because of Covid and would end.
Yet they tell you the CBO was right and the programs are going away, but the tax increases will continue. No way. Both are going to continue if passed.

Then There’s This Release By the AP Today:

If I read it right the administration policies are hurting the poorest among us.
Does the MSM report this?

Another Example Why I Say Trump Is Not The Answer:

This from Axios today who had an interview with the former President. I found it incredible considering he (Trump) and former Isreali Leader Benjamin Netanyahu were so close:

Former President Trump tells Axios from Tel Aviv author Barak Ravid he hasn’t spoken to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the two left office. 
“F**k him,” Trump said during a 90-minute interview at Mar-a-Lago in April.
Trump repeatedly criticized Netanyahu during two interviews for Ravid’s book, “Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East,” out this morning in Hebrew. 
Why it matters: 
Now opposition leader, Netanyahu is waging a continuous campaign to win back the Prime Minister’s Office while on trial for corruption.

One of his primary political calling cards is his close relationship with Trump, who remains hugely popular in Israel.
In public, the two were close political allies during the four years they overlapped in office. Behind the scenes, Trump pulled away. The final straw was when Netanyahu congratulated President-elect Biden. 
“The first person that congratulated [Biden] was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more for than any other person I dealt with,” Trump said. “Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake.”
Reality check: Netanyahu was far from the first world leader to congratulate Biden. In fact, he waited more than 12 hours after networks called the election.
But Trump claimed he was shocked when Melania shared Netanyahu’s video with him: “He was very early — like, earlier than most. I haven’t spoken to him since. F**k him.”
Trump is fixated on the fact that while the likes of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Russia’s Vladimir Putin held off, — “they felt the election was rigged,” Trump claimed — Netanyahu acknowledged Biden’s win.
“For Bibi Netanyahu, before the ink was even dry, to do a message … “
Ravid spoke to Trump again in July, this time on the phone, after Netanyahu had been ousted from power after 12 years.
Well, I like him, but he has been there a long time,” Trump said.
Trump repeated his grievances, albeit in a milder tone.
“I can tell you that people were very angry with him when he was the first one to congratulate Biden,” he said. “The video was almost like he’s begging for love. And I said, ‘My, my how things change.’ So, you know, I was disappointed. … As you know, I’m very popular in Israel.”

Then the former President took two more hits yesterday:
FIRST, New York state A.G. TISH JAMES announced that she was suspending her campaign for governor and would instead run for reelection. That all but assures the law enforcement officer who has been perhaps the most aggressive in investigating Trump will continue to focus her attention on the ex-president. 
Indeed, just hours before the announcement, WaPo’s Josh Dawsey and David Fahrenthold scooped that James was pushing to depose Trump in January as part of her investigation into possible fraud in the Trump Organization. 

THEN, a federal appeals court flatly rejected that Trump’s claims of executive privilege , which he used to block the National Archives from turning over documents to the Jan. 6 committee. It’s not the final word on the matter — the Supreme Court could still intervene this month — but it’s a big win for the select committee.

You know what I wonder. Why are the Democrats so intensely focused on the former President and getting him on anything they can? I would think there best chance to win and hold power is running against him. They know Republicans will nominate him. They know Democrats will turn out to vote against him and they know Independents say “no” to him. Is their hate so great they can’t see the bigger picture?
That’s it for today.

Have A Great Day. Cancel the Cancel Culture. Be Part of The Solution In Fixing America. Vote Right.

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