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You know who’s really guilty in Kenosha, Wisconsin? The Governor and local officials who allowed the protesters and rioters to loot and burn down businesses.
As part of the whole 2020 permissiveness the police were asked to stand back. That move to support those doing damage, versus the law abiding business owners, led to the hiring and request for security.
The leaders of Wisconsin are guilty of failed leadership in the basic component of protection.

Now, should a 17 year old young man be encouraged to grab an AR15 and go out there? The answer to me is no. But, it should never have gotten to that point, and the people elected to protect the citizens failed them.

While we’re on that topic. Rittenhouse was attacked. He did not provoke from my standpoint.
His lead attacker was a child molester, out of jail and out of a mental hospital, who was looking for trouble. Who made the decision to release him? Who knew he was off the meds that were required? They are guilty too.

This report from the Associated Press (AP) today:
“As many as 160,000 active-duty members of the military are having trouble feeding their families.”
Hey, Mr President and Congressional Leaders pushing the additional trillions of spending, I have an idea for you. Instead of just pretty words on Veterans and Memorial Day, how about paying them back better.
You would even get public support for this.

Why doesn’t the press do it its job? How many know that since the President visited and promised a 24 hour effort to fix the supply chain in Los Angeles, the situation has worsened?
Here’s the report today:
“The throng of container ships anchored off the coast of Southern California grew by 43% since President Biden’s announcement a month ago that the ports there would start working around the clock and ease supply chain woes. A record 83 cargo ships sat off the coast Friday awaiting offload at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California. That’s 25 more than the 58 container ships in the backup than when Mr. Biden made his announcement in mid-October.”

So, the President had his virtual meeting with China Leader Xi yesterday. Chairman Xi called President Biden his “good friend.” Imagine that. In his inner circles they called former President Trump the enemy. Which would you rather have them call our President?
Apparently they discussed “a wide slate of issues” at a moment of growing international concern over Cold War prospects between the U.S. and the world’s biggest communist power.
Oh really? How come they didn’t discuss China’s growing nuclear activity and power? How come they didn’t discuss the President’s number one issue Covid? Don’t we care how it started and came out of China?

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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