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EDITORS NOTE: With tomorrow being Veterans Day we will be off honoring our veterans. From there we will be taking some time to travel and enjoy our great nation. Updates will be limited.

First Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps today. Thank you to all who served in the corp.
Tomorrow we all stop and pause and honor all veterans, our heroes, who served. We salute and thank you.

Are they sure?

Maybe the title here should be do you believe them? They being the administration who keeps telling us that inflation is temporary. This AM the consumer price index (CPI) was up 6.2% this year vs. last. Above what they said, and the highest in three decades.
Gas was up to S3.42. That’s a $1.31 above last year.
How come we know (knew) that inflation was real months ago and they keep saying no?
And why is more spending going to be good for this? Isn’t it the opposite?

And When You Hear Taxes Are Not For You

You know all that “tax the rich” and they should “pay their fair share”? How come we know it always trickles down and they are fooling people? Well here’s a recap on the original income tax in 1913.
Yes, 1913. We had no income taxes before that. Imagine, we won a revolution, fought a civil war and began building the foundation of America.
Remember 1913 is only 108 years ago, think about that as you read it:

The original 1913 income tax was 1% for people with incomes above $3,000 (about $83,000 today) and $4,000 in income for married couples (about $111,000 today). The top rate was 7% on $500,000 or more ($13.8 million). About 3% of the population was taxed. Congress promised the public two things:
Tax rates would never go above 10%, and the middle class would never pay the tax.
A few short years later, the highest rate was 70%, and almost everyone got socked with this new income tax to be paid by the rich.

When The Media Is Fair

Did you see the clips of Rep. Adam Schiff’s interview on The View?
What a great example of what a fair media can be and do. He was confronted about his lies for three years about seeing Russian Collusion with the Trump administration for three years. It was a real example of the questions many should be answering about the hoax instead of trying to perpetuate even now.
The interviewer was Morgan Ortagus who is a former State Department spokesperson.  

On the other side the MSM continues to cover Jan. 6th as if people intended to blockade themselves in Nancy Pelosi’s office and declare themselves the new government. This morning the headlines were that the former President cannot claim executive privilege over documents related to that day.
I am fine with that. But I want the same coverage (which is no where in the MSM) on the Clinton Campaign, the Steele Dossier, and what the real collusion was.
I just want fairness.

Speaking of former President Trump, he said he will “probably” announce his final decision about whether to run for president in 2024 after the 2022 midterms. That is good news for the Republicans. If he were to announce before then the 2022 would be about him.
That leaves one area he can hurt the party in 2022.
The candidates he endorses (because they support his stolen election claim), where he goes and what he says.
Here’s a story from The Hill on that:
“GOP senators are worried that former President Trump could thwart their hopes of winning back the Senate majority next year with his support for controversial primary candidates who they fear could turn away female voters.”
For example — in Pennsylvania: “The latest bombshell to rock the 2022 Senate election landscape came this week when the estranged wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell testified in court Monday that he strangled her and hit their children. The allegation in a child custody hearing would be enough to derail a Senate campaign, but Parnell is still considered the front-runner in the Republican primary thanks to Trump’s powerful endorsement.”
And in Georgia: “A similar dynamic is emerging in Georgia, where Trump has jumped in early to back candidates despite allegations from women of threatening behavior and sexual assault.”  
Some Republicans are understandably worried this could hurt their chances to retake the Senate.

Short Takes

A bipartisan group of senators said Tuesday they are seeking a “9/11-style commission” to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic began, the U.S. government’s response and ways to prevent a similar tragedy.
This is a great idea and long overdue. It’s time to call China on this – overtime.

Next year the landscape was initially favorable for Democrats running in senate races. It has become less so as events in Washington have unfolded. Yesterday they got a break. One seat that Republicans saw as a real opportunity was New Hampshire. However, the candidate they thought who could win was Gov Chris Sununu.
He surprised all yesterday announcing he had opted to run for a fourth term in Concord. He said he had little appetite for being 1 of 100 lawmakers after six years as the Granite State’s chief executive.

As noted above, the Trump endorsed candidate for the Senate in Pa. has issues that may derail his campaign. Here’s a report from the Washington Examiner on someone who is ready to announce his candidacy: |
Physician and TV personality Mehmet Oz is preparing to jump into the Pennsylvania Senate race.


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