I Get It And I Don’t Get It…

I Get It that USA Today has a poll out that says the President is at 39% approval but we will likely see an uptick in the period ahead. Why? Favorable media coverage of his overseas trip, the infrastructure bill getting passed and his anger at the press question over money to illegal immigrants.

I Don’t Get that payment for family separation. The President should be scorched over this. He clearly didn’t know about it when first asked.
He then lied about the actual question, saying he was asked about all. No, he wasn’t asked about all immigrants. He was asked about those separated. He then made it seem as if we lost kids. No we didn’t. People never came for them. Which means they weren’t their kids or something else was going on.
Finally, these people broke the law. When you get arrested are you separated from your children? Should we pay criminals now?
When we send soldiers to war aren’t they separated from their kids? We certainly don’t pay them $450,000. Even if they get killed and never come home.
The MSM might coverup now that the President mislead, but come election 2022, this will be a major campaign issue and it will hurt those supporting it.

I Get why the infrastructure bill passed. I think both sides wanted it. It’s the extra Build Back Better spending plan that is the issue. The differences between the Democratic sides is wide. It is even wider with the Republicans. It will be worth watching as this “negotiation” unfolds.
I see they have a tentative agreement on SALT. Its raising the $10K limit to$80K. Wait until you see a fair analysis of who will benefit from this. It’s the opposite of “tax the rich.”

I Get they’re saying the BBB bill is for $1.75 Trillion. Well two leading fiscal watchdogs are saying the true cost is far higher. A model released by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business projected the real cost of the spending package could be more than $4.26 trillion.
What the CBO says will be key. Wait for this.

I Get why this happened so quickly, do you? Numerous police departments in Northern Virginia say the public can expect to see expanded police presence at shopping malls, public centers and gatherings in response to a potential threat. The threat to shopping malls emanated from intelligence possibly linked to ISIS, according to multiple law enforcement and intelligence sources. If you’re surprised you missed what happened in Afghanistan.

I Get why the MSM is not covering all the incredible information coming out on the whole Russian Collusion scandal. They now know how deep this went into the Clinton Campaign and that the whole thing was a made up lie. Their problem is how to cover it now that they won awards over three years for their coverage of the Trump connections that weren’t. Will they ever call Adam Schiff a liar as they easily did those who said this was a hoax from the outset? I doubt it.

I Don’t Get why anyone in the administration thinks it’s a good idea for the VP to leave today for Europe to discuss border issues, when she is in charge of our southern border. Maybe because when she was asked about visiting that border she said “I never visited Europe either.”
Okay then, but last I looked the border you are in charge of is failing as never before.
Maybe that’s why the President as reported in the USA poll was at 38%. Harris, well she was at 28%. Is she going to recover as we expect him to? Not by going to Europe to talk about their borders.

Have A Great Week. Cancel the Cancel Culture.

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