What Now?

Wait, I thought the Administration was telling us there are one hundred Americans left in Afghanistan. Now they say there are 450 or more?
WHY is this administration allowed to get away with this? Where is a fair non biased media to call them on it?

While on the administration, can someone please tell me WHAT VP Harris is doing about the border crisis? Even that sham about fixing the “root causes” is long gone. It was all a lie.
Where is the border czar who looked at us and the media and said the border “was closed?”
How does the media not cover the failure at the border, especially today with a caravan marching defiantly toward it? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC don’t think it’s news. WHY?

I heard it and then rewound the tape to be sure of what I heard. WHAT was it?
Rep. IIhan Omar of Minneapolis, she of the “Defund the Police” fame, now blames the police for rising crime rates in Minneapolis. You mean murder is up 116% because of the police and not your defunding movement?

Why would President Biden repeat the debunked Amtrak story for the fifth time? Even CNN called the story untrue with the facts he talks about. So WHY keep telling it over and over in the same manner?
The story is so bad that CNN found out the conductor he talks about (Ang Negri) could not have had that conversation with him that Biden claims. WHY? Check the dates:
Biden became VP in 2008. The conductor retired in 1993. He says he got the mileage in 2016 that the conductor told him about. Well the conductor passed away in 2014.

Did we need the Washington Post to tell us (in a correction posted in the paper) that it had inaccurately reported that a crowd chanted “Let’s go Brandon” at a Donald Trump Jr. rally a few weeks ago and not what they really chanted? We know WHAT we heard, how did you not?

Speaking of which (Let’s Go Brandon), in what is believed to be a musical first, two different rap anthems with the same name — “Let’s Go Brandon” — held the No. 1 and No. 2 spots Monday on the iTunes top 10. Read that again. The top spots in iTunes. WHY? Readers of this blog don’t have to ask.

The President spent most of the 2020 campaign at home because of the Covid. Yesterday he went on the trail in Virginia. He gave a 15 minute campaign speech. He mentioned Donald Trump 24 times. WHAT?
Do you think he thought it was 2019? Last I looked Donald Trump wasn’t running for Governor in Virginia.

When he wasn’t talking about Donald Trump he was telling us how great the economy was and that it was all because of his policies. WHAT’S that now?
Empty shelves, broken supply chain, failed exit in Afghanistan, inflation, broken border and record debt, among other issues, is a success? Maybe he did think it was 2019.

Oh, REALLY, this won’t be an issue. I am referring to the new billionaires tax being pushed today. First of all it may not be legal. You see, we give the government the right to tax our income. In this case we want to tax gains before they become income. Second, even the Speaker says this will generate only about $250 billion dollars. They want to pass $2-3 Trillion. Where’s the rest coming from?
Now if you think this tax on untaken gains won’t slowly (or not so slowly) make its way down to all classes then you don’t know politicians and spending.
So, if a stock goes up, you pay under this program. What happens when it drops? Same for the value of your home?
WHAT’S the solution? How about spending less? Canceling programs? Send people back to work. You know those novel ideas.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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