I’m Looking For The Logic Here

So there’s a Bumper Sticker that says,  “American-made products don’t get stuck on cargo ships.”
Now isn’t that logical and easy to understand?

Speaking of logic, I keep seeing and hearing the President on the air saying his new spending program “is free” and actually a “tax cut.” First of all logic tells me $3 Trillion in spending is not “free.”
Next, since when is a tax raise (on any income group) a “tax cut?” Are your taxes going down?
Where’s the logic in repeating this over and over?

Remember when inflation was reported by the administration to be temporary and gone soon? Now we see it lasting all year and prices rising all around us.
Janet Yellen, one of the earlier “temporaries,” now says: that “high inflation in consumer prices that is stretching pocketbooks thin will spill over into 2022 before slowing down the second half of next year.”
Oh, now we’re back to the second half of next year.
Didn’t we common folks know that earlier this year?

This as former Treasury Secretary (Democrat) Larry Summers’ openly criticized the Federal Reserve and other central banks as too focused on “woke” social issues reflects a growing concern that policymakers aren’t paying enough attention to inflation.
Is it too logical to see what is happening around us to realize that inflation is a real issue?

Then the administration is telling us that out of stock and shelf problems is because we are in such great shape because of their policies and that people are buying so much more.
Logic tells that if you believe that, then you are reading the wrong blog and ready to be socialized.

Now we have inflation and jobs people won’t leave their homes to do, trucks without drivers, ships that can’t unload and prices rising because product is not available. What’s the President’s solution? A new spending bill to give people more for free.
Does that make any sense to you? Infrastructure yes, more spending no. Where’s the logic in more spending?

Here’s some logic I read that might make sense to you, as it did me:
“Instead of mandating working taxpayers with the vaccine, the President should mandate people who participate in public programs. Eligibility for these benefits currently does not require getting the COVID vaccine, this despite the fact that many people who receive assistance from the government reside in crowded quarters with larger families—exactly the kinds of environments that are not good at controlling the spread of COVID-19.
Why is it that virtually every policy that Biden endorses discourages work and rewards welfare?”
Is that too logical for this administration. Fire people for not vaccinating, but pay people to stay home and not vaccinate.

We never felt comfortable as readers here know with Senator Manchin being between us and more spending.
The President reinforced that feeling when he said this about the Senator.
“But look, Joe — Joe is not a bad guy. He’s a friend. And he’s always, at the end of the day, comes around and votes for it.”
Senator Manchin logic tells me your friends know you.

Isn’t it logical that the World Series would end up in Atlanta after the MLB Commissioner and the Woke Community pulled the All-Star Game from that city because of its new voting laws? In the end they found the laws were not restrictive, with the exception of showing ID (if you consider that restrictive), and the majority minority community in Atlanta was hurt for the smaller minority community in Colorado. It made no sense.
Won’t it be great to see Commissioner Manfred introduced on the field in Atlanta? Must watch TV.
By the way, the championship shirts you usually see are on a ship unable to unload as of this writing.

Have A great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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