Really? Really? Really?

Really? Why?

So the President is going to Europe for a climate meeting. China and Russian leaders have announced they are not coming. Europe is installing pipelines with our approval. Thus the United States is alone in changing its entire economy to implement climate programs. Alone in driving up debt, reducing quality of life and stalling growth while the world’s largest polluter adds coal plants and cares not.
Our impact on the climate won’t matter, but what we’re doing to our economy and quality of life for our people does. Can someone explain to me what we are doing alone will mean?
If its so bad why can’t they convince the rest of world? Is this real, or is it our far left gone wild?

Really A Shame.

This story in the news today. Women who once served as judges in Afghanistan are in hiding, fearing retaliation from the men they sentenced. Really! Wow.
Image that and what we did to these people. How come the MSM doesn’t talk about the failed withdrawal?

Really, Where Are They?

In September, the U.S. work participation rate stood at 61.6%. In February 2020 the level was 63.3%. So where did 4.3 million workers go with over 10 million jobs open? Really, someone explain that to me.
In fact, this AM the jobless claims fell to a pandemic low. Where did all these people on unemployment go? Really.

Really, No One Told You

This is under reported and you’ll understand why in a second (yes, because it worked). The corporate tax that we lowered (35 to 21%) to bring business back, well the CBO reported:
That federal corporate income tax receipts were up 75% this year to a record $370 billion.
Now we want to raise it because they are not paying their fair share?
Really? It seems to me when we’re fair they bring jobs and revenue.

Really, They Didn’t Tell You This Either

Here’s another fact not reported. Total federal revenue climbed to over $4 trillion, over 18% of GDP for the first time in 20 years.
Yea, let’s mess this up with spending, debt, inflation and higher taxes. Makes sense to someone, not me.
Really, how about cutting spending, taking in the increased taxes and reducing the debt. Here’s the data:

Really, But The World Loves Us Now

Want some positive news? Here’s a Gallup Poll release:
Gallup report out today finds approval of U.S. leadership in 46 countries and territories hit 49% — up from 30% at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, and matching President Obama’s first year (2009).
How about that, the world likes us better. Do you like us better?

The Divide

Let’s take a look at the party divides this week and see who can hurt themselves more.

The Democrats continue to foster their “progressives vs. moderates” divide. It appears that as we’ve long suspected Senator Sinema will be the backbone more than Senator Manchin. She is holding the line as Joe is close to approving $3+ Trillion in spending. ($1.5 for infrastructure and up to $2 Trillion additional) Plus he is ready to raise the corporate tax to 25%. She is not.
As for the so called Democratic House Moderates, when I hear from one I will let you know.

Republicans continue with their divide being Donald Trump. Loved in the party, but not outside by Democrats or Independents.
His comments on the death of Colin Powell were simply deplorable.
I see where his friend Hershel Walker took a shot at him. If you missed it here’s what he said:

Former President Donald Trump is sending the wrong message by warning that Republicans will sit out the coming elections if “we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020.” Speaking on the Brian Kilmeade radio show, Mr. Walker sided with other Republicans in Georgia who blamed Mr. Trump for depressing turnout this year with his stolen election claims and are afraid he will do it again. “That is not the right message,” Mr. Walker said. “I think everybody got to get out and vote. We can’t continue to look at the past.”

Wonder if the former President will pull his support for Walker now.

Have A Great Day. Cancel the Cancel Culture.

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