Real Or Illusion?

The VP And The NASA Kids Video

Where’s the media on reporting this? The released video of VP Harris talking to kids about safe travel and all they will experience was staged. Did you know that? The kids were actors who tried out for the part.
The administration put it out as real, but it wasn’t.

The lack of coverage of the real story is just another example of media bias.

Did They Think Anything Else Was Possible?

Now we hear there is a supply shortage on oil and that is driving up pricesIn fact, yesterday it was above $80.00 a barrel for the first time since 2014.
The average price of a gallon of gas has risen steadily all year and is now $3.28 per gallon.

The report also said that energy shortages are slowing factory activity around the world and contributing to inflation. Even if fewer consumers travel and consume fuel, many analysts expect energy companies’ declining investments in new supply to prop up oil prices.

If any of this is a surprise to you then you must have not been paying attention. We have the President of the U.S. just about begging OPEC and the Russians to increase production, because we and the world need more.

A year ago in the U.S. we were energy independent. This administration shut down U.S. production to the point they are driving up world costs.
Why, you ask?
Well first they said to protect the environment. Really? What’s the difference between us producing the oil and begging others to do it?
Second, they have told oil producers we are putting you out of business. We are going electric with automobiles, and going quickly.
Now you expect them to produce more, and lower costs, so you can put them out of business?
Does anything with the administration’s policy make sense to you?

Imagine if we had a media that reported this fairly.

Does This Idea Make Sense To You?

Does this administration proposal make sense to you? They want to give the IRS access to all financial transactions above $600.
First of all, what are they going to do with the information?
Next, what is the cost of hiring agents to monitor all these transactions?
Then, where do we live that the government is monitoring your transactions?

Here’s what we know:
Democrats are pushing for regulations within President Biden’s $3.5 trillion, 10-year social welfare bill that would require banks to report annually on the “inflows and outflows” of personal and business accounts.
The reporting requirement would cover any transaction above $600 or bank accounts with deposits totaling that sum.
Some Democrats are also pushing for rules to cover mobile money transfer systems such as PayPal and Venmo. 

What does the opposition say?
Critics say the low reporting threshold would essentially give the IRS unfettered access to how ordinary Americans spend their money.
Some Republican lawmakers say the expansion of federal powers would amount to a “surveillance state.” “It feels a lot like communist China surveillance, doesn’t it?” said Sen. Bill Hagerty, Tennessee Republican and a former ambassador to Japan. “They’re going to insert themselves in every aspect of American lives. People don’t want this.”

Is this what America voted for? I don’t think so. I think they voted against Donald Trump without understanding the consequences.

Speaking Of The $3.5 Trillion, Think Of This

Only in Washington could spending $1.5 trillion be considered the conservative position. 
Sen. Joe Manchin’s “ceiling for spending” in a budget bill would be the biggest single price tag of any spending bill in U.S. history.
It is equal to the Trump tax cuts, is double the cost estimate for Obamacare when it passed in 2010 and dwarfs the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill.
Got that?
Yet, liberal activists and fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill are villainizing Mr. Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, for lowballing what they want to spend.

Sen. Bernard Sanders, the Vermont independent who serves as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said Mr. Manchin is sabotaging hopes for a massive overhaul of the country’s social welfare programs, including proposals for tuition-free college, paid family leave, more child care payments and dental care for Medicare beneficiaries.

The MSM is for the spending. Imagine if they were fair and not biased in their reporting.

And By The Way

Do you wonder where all the funding is coming from to support the harassment of Senators like Sinema and Manchin? Well, here’s a report you won’t see in the MSM.

Progressive groups tied to left-wing billionaire George Soros are using the congressional recess to pressure the two Senate Democrats standing in the way of President Biden’s $3.5 trillion expansion of the federal safety net.

How The World Sees Us

The world, especially China, Russia and the Islamist population, has looked at the U.S. as having lost its moral compass and in total decline.
They believe when you lose a sense of right and wrong, your end is near.
On the other side, we call it enlightenment.
You can decide who is right, but I will say this announcement yesterday will be fuel for both sides:

It was announced that:
The new Superman, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is concerned about the environment, does not shy away from politics and will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend.

Superman! Moral decline, or enlightenment?

One More Thing On The Press

Remember how they treated every statement from former President Trump and the Covid Virus? Sometimes fairly, often not so much.

Well how about some scrutiny of what President Biden has said and the results?
Especially as we report that more people have died in 2021 from the virus than in 2020. (Now more died before he took office – 398,000 – than since 325,000, but more died this calendar year).
As an example, President Biden said this on Sept. 17th 2020:
“If the president had done his job right from the beginning, all the people (who have died from coronavirus) would still be alive.”
Shouldn’t the media be asking what happened now, and why so many are dead?

Have A Great Day. Defend American Values.

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