Short Takes Day Two…

Some Additional Short Thoughts Today

The Government announced that federal rental assistance could soon be taken back from groups that haven’t acted to spend enough of the money, so that it can be redistributed.
Here’s an idea:
Since the money wasn’t needed how about returning it and reducing the debt?
Why is the only reaction always to spend it elsewhere? Can’t we develop a mindset like people do with their personal budgets and pay down debt?

What If?

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was accosted again by an illegal immigrant Monday — this time while on a flight.
Now to be sure you read that. Did you see it said “illegal immigrant?”
Does “illegal” mean anything anymore?
It’s also illegal to harass a fellow passenger on an airplane.
Where was the outrage?
If this was a right winger harassing would the person be universally condemned?
Have we truly lost all sense of right and wrong and allowed the looney left to control the nation?

As for the President and his Press Secretary saying this was part of the job, that was unbelievable.
So Mr. Macho President, you who wanted to take President Trump behind the gym, and supposedly popped “Corn Pop”, you would be fine if Jill Biden was harassed in the ladies room? (Er, sorry, in the non gender restroom.)
You’d be okay if this was your daughter and granddaughter? I don’t think so.
I think you would be ranting about the disrespectful right wingers in this nation. “C,mon”, Mr President.

Now If This Were A…

Do you remember amid the choas last year the incident in Rochester, NY where the mayor immediately sided against the police and caused more havoc? Of course she got a lot of coverage.
Well, she’s in the news again, but not much coverage for this. Why?
Headline: Lovely Warren, the Troubled Rochester Mayor, to Resign in Plea Deal.  
Why? Ms. Warren will leave office early as part of a plea deal on campaign finance violations. The deal also resolves gun charges against her.
If she were a Republican and not a Democrat would this have been bigger news? I agree.

America Is back

As Secretary Blinken continues to try and mend fences in France and get them to send their ambassador back to the U.S. we have more going on.

The Chinese military has flown a record 145 fighter planes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) during the past four days, escalating Beijing’s campaign of intimidation toward the self-governing island.
China commemorated its 72nd annual National Day on Oct. 1 by sending 38 warplanes through Taiwan’s ADIZ. That record stood until the following day — when it sent 39 more.
China’s growing aggression toward Taiwan is raising fears of a catastrophic war.
Why are they doing this?
As Ronald Reagan said, they don’t do it when they think we are strong, they do it when they we are weak.
It appears to me that “America is back” is just a word for those against us to act as they wish because we will do nothing.

The $3.5 Trillion Bill And The Debt

Get ready by months end for a deal on additional spending.
It won’t be the $5 Trillion ($3.5 they wanted plus $1.5 infrastructure bill) they wanted.
What it will be is $3.5 Trillion. The infrastructure bill plus an additional $2 Trillion.
$3.5 trillion of new spending to add to our debt and bill to the future.

The left will yell they lost and wanted $6 Trillion above the infrastructure as if they lost something.
Senator Manchin will claim he stood strong, because we are only spending $3.5 Trillion.
Meanwhile we spend what we don’t have and bill the kids of tomorrow. They are the losers, and we are the responsible adults allowing it.

The Debt Battle Is Underway

The President yesterday blamed Senator McConnell for not supporting a debt level raise.
McConnell’s response (as we told you) was you spent without us, raise the debt without us. You own it.
Watch how the media plays this. (Though you already know, don’t you?)
The money runs out on October 18th.
See who cares about the debt we are passing on, and no, nothing is free.

What’s A Day Without Trump News

Politics wise he said if/when he announces a run he expects the other Republican candidates to clear the field.
I am guessing he believes that, but it is not going to happen.

He’s also in the news with this story.
A New York State judge said Monday that former President Trump will be deposed before Christmas in a defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, a former “Apprentice” contestant who alleges that Trump sexually assaulted her at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007 and defamed her during his presidential campaign when he said she lied about it. He denies her claims .

Just another day in Trump World.

Have A Great Day. Stand Up For America and It’s Values.

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