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Quick Thoughts On A Monday Morning

Here’s an editorial opinion from the Sunday New York Times that I wanted to share:

Jan. 6 Was Worse Than We Knew 
By The Editorial Board The Electoral Count Act needs to be fixed

Well here’s some thoughts back to them from this blog.

You can’t be real with this. You want something to look at that was far worse than reported, try looking at the lie you perpetrated for three years over the false Russian Hoax story.
You reported a lie day after day after day for three years. You won awards for fake reporting. You divided the nation. You cost the country millions in false studies and commissions. You helped destroy a presidency.
You helped dent our democracy. You never lived up to your false reporting and you are failing to cover its unraveling now as Durham acts.
This editorial is a disgrace, shows your bias and why your credibility is at a low point.

The Zero Lie

Imagine the internal meeting at the White House where they are planning on how best to sell the additional $3.5 trillion spending program. Free everything, including two years of community college for all – illegal or not.
So you’re there and someone says, “I got it, just tell the people it costs zero, they’ll believe us.” Then everyone at the table says, “That’s a great idea, and the media will support us.”
Can you believe the people who made this decision are running our country?

Now zero is not zero.
Even if you had the funds, it would still be $3.5 trillion of spending. Do they not get that?
I have an idea.
If you really have the $3.5 trillion how about paying back some of the debt? You know, the one that we are passing on to our kids and grandkids.
Wouldn’t that be nice to do? After all we try and live so we can pass something on to our heirs, how about not a bill?
Does anyone care about the debt?

Next, you say the rich are going to pay. Oh really, and how is that?
You’re going to raise the rates you say. You do that in the same sentence you tell us how many don’t pay any taxes at all. Oh, so by raising the tax rate they will magically pay?
How come you don’t get it’s not the rate, its the deductions you allow.
I haven’t heard a word yet on what you’re doing there – except you want to eliminate SALT – which is a real tax break for the rich. How dare you do that to appease the high tax states and drive more debt for us.

Finally on this, can you for once define “fair share.” What is it?
You want federal to go up (39.7%), so if you live say in NYC (14.7% state and city), that would equal about 55% tax before social security, medicare, advantage etc.
Is 60 cents taxes on a dollar earned fair share or is it more? Is that how you encourage hard work?

Let me see, the 1% of earners pay 40% of all the U.S. federal taxes. Is that fair? What is fair to you?
The top 5% pay 60% of all taxes. What is their fair share?
The top 10% pay 71% of all taxes. What is their fair share?

Take a second to look at that.
The top 10% of earners pay 71% of all taxes. Does that sound like a fair share?

Now the bottom 50% pay 3% of all taxes. Read that again. 50% pay 3%. Are they being overburdened?

Imagine if the left and their friends in the media presented the facts. They never ask what a fair share is.
Instead they concentrate on “some pay zero taxes.” I get it, but most pay. You want all to pay, me too. Take away the deductions and stop playing games.

The Real Deplorable’s

The left and media had no problem or issue naming a whole group of supporters for a candidate “deplorable.”
Well I saw deplorable over the weekend. They followed Senator Sinema into a bathroom stall because she wasn’t supporting them. They took to the water and gathered around Senator Manchin’s houseboat because he dared have a different view than them.

Hey NYT editorial board, I have another example of something worse than you reported. It’s the deplorables you support.

The Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is headed to France to “mend fences.” Mend fences? I thought the adults were in charge now and the U.S. was back. What happened?

Have A Great Day. Stand Up For America and American Values.

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