Lost Trust…

When you lose trust as an individual, you lose a part of your being. When you lose trust as a leader, you can no longer lead. Watching the past few days the mistruths, misleading and outright lies by so many I think the time of reckoning has come for some.

I would start with General Milley.
You, the highest ranking military member in the U.S.. While doing the most confidential job in the military spoke to five authors – off the record – writing books about the administrations you served and were serving.
In any military, in any organization that is unacceptable.

You called the evacuation a “logistical success but a strategic failure.” Well General, as the leader of the military you are charged with strategy. You failed.

You testified that you wanted troops to stay. Your boss, the President, disregarded your counsel. Totally disregarded. You failed in your mission.

General Milley, even now when asked you claim you didn’t know why President Biden picked September 11th as his original date of withdrawal. I can’t believe that. Really, you can’t figure it out? You who were duped in a picture op as you claim?
On the other side, if you can’t figure out why that day, then no wonder we had a strategic failure.

General Milley, thank you for your service, but you must resign.

Now there are others who should be gone, yet no one was fired or resigned over this mess. Why is that?
Here’s the answer.
No one recommended the policy to the President. They recommended the opposite of what he did. How could he fire anyone? The President made this call against his closest counselors.
Why didn’t he ask anyone to leave? How could he? It would say something was wrong, and the only thing wrong was the President’s decision.
The fact the President went on the air and said no one gave him other advice says a lot about each of you not resigning.

Which brings us to the President’s lies.
He clearly lied and people died.
The blood is on his hands, no matter what he says. How can we believe anything he says after these blatant lies?

President Biden has lost the one thing every leader needs – Trust.
When JFK messed up the Cuban invasion, he stepped up to the microphone and took responsibility. This President lied into that microphone.

One final word today to Secretary Austin.
You have struggled to answer questions the past few days and protect your President. I understand that. I don’t understand your answer over and over to the question about citizens and supporters left behind. You keep saying,” We’re staying focused on getting people out”.
Here’s my question: How many have died waiting for you?

Also Head Scratching

The President and his Press Secretary keep saying the proposed $3.5 trillion spending program will cost us “zero” and is “free.”
I can only guess the people who believed the Afghanistan lies believe that. How dense do they think we are?

Then Psaki added this statement yesterday:
The White House believes it is “unfair and absurd” if businesses raise prices in response to the Biden administration increasing corporate tax liability. 

Does anyone in the administration understand business? Business and profit is at the base of capitalism. Do they understand that? You are going to raise the corporate tax by over 20% and the businesses shouldn’t do anything? Why are you raising taxes? Businesses don’t print money, they manage their products to make money.
Do they have a clue, or are they truly socialists?

How is it that you say any new taxes will only go after the top 1% and yet the bill says you are going to double the number of the IRS agents? You need 85,000 new agents to do that?
You expect me to believe that? I’d say tell us the truth, but how would I know you are?

A Few Other Things Today

With the market tanking as it has the past few weeks, and the dramatic drop yesterday, does anyone find it odd (as I do) that the media wasn’t blasting its newscast with: Your 401K took a major hit today as…
it seemed like in years past with a market that doubled at the first sign of decline this was a headline.

Also lost in the reporting this week were these released FBI crime figures.
The number of violent crimes in the U.S. rose by 5.6% in 2020, the first increase in four years. Aggravated assaults rose 12.1%. Murder increased 29% — the highest single-year spike in 60+ years.
Much coverage? Why not?

I was unsure on the fed and whether Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell should be renominated by President Biden. Then I heard Senator Elizabeth Warren say he should not be reappointed.
Now I know where I stand.

The Party Divides

This from The Hill today:
The political future of the Democratic Party could turn on what liberals and centrists decide next in a battle over President Biden’s spending and infrastructure agenda. Right now they are pummeling each other.  The infighting continued on Tuesday as progressive members issued another threat in the direction of Democratic leaders to sink a planned Thursday vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill without assurances from Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) that they will vote for a wide-ranging reconciliation package. 

And the threat from Donald Trump to the Republican Party:
Yesterday he endorsed KARI LAKE, a former local news reporter, to succeed term-limited Arizona Gov Doug Ducey. Lake is running against a handful of other Republicans but she’s the only candidate so far to have said she believes Trump won Arizona in the 2020 election.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

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  1. Unfortunatley,,,F-U-B-A-R,,,,,,
    This really,really really SUCKS,,,what more can one say ????,,,
    AOC,,imported from Canada !!!!!
    Ohmar,,imported from Somalia !!!!!,,years ago I shouted,,’CLOSE THE BORDERS’
    Now we have these two sitting in our House of Congress,,,,F-U-B-A-R !!!!!!!
    And the other idiots that are “HOME GROWN”,,,like I said,,,,F-U-B-A-R !!!!!!!!

    What the HELL is going on,,,70,000,000 people in this great country of ours voted these imbeciles into office,,,SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG,,,unbelievable,,,
    And now we have the highest ranking military officers of our services,,,EVADING QUESTIONS,,,,,,PARTIALLY LYING,,,,OUTRIGHT LYING,,,,CUTTING BOOK DEALS PRIOR TO RETIREMENT,,,,MAN TALKING ABOUT SELLING OUT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN !!!!!!,,,,,ONE BIG A$$ F-U-B-A-R!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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