Lies And Mistruths…..

When Are Lies -Lies?

The answer to the question seems to be when the MSM decides if they like the President or not. You see, President Trump’s lies and his “Big Lie” were (and are) reported on daily.
President Biden, not so much.
Why is that?

As I write this the hearing with Secretary Austin and Generals Milley and MacKenzie is airing live. One thing for sure already is the President’s statements on all that occurred and is occurring in Afghanistan were filled with misstatements and lies.
Yet the MSM has been soft in their assessment, though it will be a lot tougher after this hearing.

These three gentleman, none of whom had their advice and counsel followed, and all were quoted by the President as supporting his efforts had the courage to walk away. I haven’t seen individuals have such a bad day in a long time.
If the MSM doesn’t report this as we are witnessing it, then we have a banana republic media in this country.

What About?

Let’s take a look at what I believe have been mistruths this administration has gotten away with while the media looks at “The Big Lie.”

We will leave no American behind, the President said on national television. Then we did. How many?
Well, Secretary Blinken and the President have said it was about 100. When asked today Secretary Austin could not answer how many Americans were left. (He was reamed for not being prepared.)
Then none of the three disputed the number 400-500. What? Four to five times more than we have been told?

If you think they said 100 and it was just a mistake, then you must work for the administration or be in the MSM, because they lied.

The President said that all his advisors and military personnel agreed on an August 31 date to leave.
What he never said was that advice was given on August 25th after he disregarded their advice that troops were needed.
By August 25th the military could do nothing and said we need to leave. The President mislead us.

If you think that is being truthful, then you either work for the administration or are with the MSM.

This is a new Taliban, the President told us to justify his dealings with them. I guess the bodies I have been witnessing murdered and hung in the streets is something I see, but isn’t real.

If you believe the President and don’t see this, then you are part of the administration or in the media.

There are a half dozen more misleading statements already emerging. The President did not tell the truth in this whole fiasco. Today’s hearing is blowing up all the lies we have been told.

This Is A Pattern

We are lied to about the border. Where is the media on this?

“The border is closed” they claim. Do you think that? We just released “10,000 or 12,000, it could be higher” into the nation. That’s a closed border?
You released them because the Del Rio coverage on some stations was embarrassing you. There have been close to a million people crossing.
If you believe that’s a closed border then you are in the administration or the MSM.

Border agents on horses are the problem? The President was judge and jury for these agents simply doing their job. Imagine hard working and dedicated Americans getting thrown under the bus by a President for his personal gain. How can we allow these loyal Americans to be put on leave and threatened by a President?

If you support the President on this lie, you are either part of the administration or in the media.

The NYT yesterday printed a correction on their reporting of the border agents. They had claimed (as the President did) that “mounted agents had struck Haitian migrants.” They backed off.
So, when does the President apologize for his lie or get called on it?

There is no reason to go into this more. The lies and disception began at the outset when the President said there was no vaccine when he came into office. He was vaccinated a month before!!!
If you believe all the false covid claims you are in the administration or part of the media.

There is so much more, but the point is clear. Trump tweeted and there were questions. The media called him on it as they should have. Biden lies outright and the silence is deafening. It is time to hold him accountable. Let’s see how they cover this hearing, that as of this writing, is a debacle for this administration’s statements and words.

Have A Great Day. Cancel the Cancel Culture.

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