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Reflecting On The News Today – First The Media

How is it that a white woman wearing a monkey mask throwing eggs at California Governor Candidate Larry Elder is not getting the coverage it would if Elder were a Democrat? Where is the MSM outrage at the eggs and physical assault on Elder’s security personnel?
The lack of coverage and outrage is just another example of the media bias.

Where was the media’s hysterical coverage about the organization VP Harris touted and requested contributions to getting someone released who has now killed another citizen? If this were a VP Pence supported group, and it had this result, would it be a lead story?
Just another example of media bias.

About That $3.5 Trillion

Just so we’re clear. This started out as $6 trillion proposed program and was then lowered it to $3.5 trillion, which is why Senator Sanders and the Progressives are saying they gave up too much already.
Sen. Manchin, after his stand yesterday, is now saying that he wants the total to drop as low as $1 trillion or $1.5 trillion. That means he is ready to go to $2 trillion.
Remember the quote we shared yesterday from the President. Manchin makes a show but “comes around.”

Though they never define what is the “fair share” of taxes they can take from your income, I saw this report today on the top 1% in today’s NYT.
“The top 1% are evading $163 billion in taxes” annually. Oh, is that right?
1. If true, $163 billion does not pay for $3.5 trillion in new spending.
2. If you know that, why aren’t you going after it?
3. You will never collect any “fair share” by raising their tax rate. You have to take away deductions.
You won’t do that because it would impact their income and you will lose their support and contributions.
Thus, you do a show and say you are raising rates — all for show.
Where is the media on this?

Here’s another “oh really” story in today’s papers.
“Biden’s Electric Car Plans Hinge On Having Enough Chargers”. Did they just figure that out?
You better figure out, too, how people (in cities, as an example) who park on the street are going to charge their cars.
The story said the U.S. has about 100,000 chargers and needs ten times that to implement the planned switch. Good luck.
Remember, 50% of the autos by 2025 and 100% by 2030 is the mandate. Too, companies like GM who committed to 100% by that date or sooner — that was another great decision, and you wonder why you are losing share.

With all the infrastructure talk, you better hope the plan is more than redoing paving on existing roads. Chargers may be at the top. Here’s another idea.
Every year we have hurricane outages that last months. Then we throw billions to repair. How about with the money being thrown around we put the wires under ground so we reduce the issue. Wouldn’t that be infrastructure we could appreciate and get behind?


As we write this, it appears that for the first time the Taliban is going to let a plane fly out with people on board. The indication is 200 people will be released. It is unknown how many are Americans. Let’s let this unfold so we can understand better what is happening and why.

Otherwise the story out of that country continues to be an American embarrassment. On Saturday as we remember and mourn our lost, in Kabul, at the same hour, they will be installing the government that gave Osama Bin Laden a haven to operate from.
When the President planned his photo op did he think of this?

Tomorrow we’re going to take a look at the 2022 midterms and how two things can impact the results that everyone is saying is inevitable.
In the meantime, have a great one today.

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